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Formaldehyde sounds scary

Michael Shaw provides excellent commentary.

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Good sense about resisting EPA overreach

Important not to get beat up on the edges, giving up too much to EPA aggression.

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Fred Singer writes

I don’t need to say more–Fred is iconic in the effort to turn around the crazy warmers who now call their cause an effort to prevent climate change or disruption or severe events.

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Value of the annual pelvic

Not very valuable at all, just like the annual physical.

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Bill Gates a Victim or Perp on Common Core?

Bill Gates learned two big things in the last twenty years that went beyond his obvious knowledge in his business:

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John Christy Corrects

John Christy, Boss of the Weather and Satellite studies program at Huntsville, says it’s not that good.

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Warmism Failing: WaPo reports GOP ‘paying no price whatsoever for climate science denialism’

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson isn’t budging from skepticism despite a $2 million warmist campaign against him. Continue reading