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Medical Conspiracy Theory

Following the assassination of JFK in November, 1963, the word “conspiracy” would enter common parlance. Defined as “A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful” [Oxford Dictionaries], the term leaves plenty of room for interpretation. At the very least, who decides what is “unlawful” or “harmful”? How can we be sure that the entity determining this is not itself a conspiracy? As the kids might say, “How meta can you get?”

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Yes, there actually is worse junk science than the climate stuff

It’s called “endocrine disruptors.”   The game here is to identify chemicals, that when given to rats at absurdly high concentrations, can cause certain reproductive issues. Continue reading

I love it when a plan comes together

You Can Keep Your Doctor…If He Doesn’t Kill Himself

As the ACA (Obamacare) enters its comic relief phase, with the Jon Gruber videos; the “now you tell me” confessions of Democratic lawmakers who say that the bill should not have been passed; and the truly unwanted resurrection of Kathy Sebelius, maybe it’s time to get serious once again. In health care, it can’t get any more serious than physician suicide.

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Bill Cosby

B ill Cosby

Well, at least now we know why Dr. Huxtable was an Ob-Gyn.

Health care financing posting (removed)

Congrats on how quickly our readers saw the fuzzy math!   I removed the original because it was becoming a distraction.   Basically, a math error was hidden within otherwise “common sense” criticisms of government-run health care.

RE: john1282’s “Oh would I like to have warming”

I dust off this classic from Minnesotans for Global Warming

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