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RE: john1282’s “Oh would I like to have warming”

I dust off this classic from Minnesotans for Global Warming

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Ferguson and Kitty Genovese

What, you may ask, does a tragic police-involved shooting have to do with the brutal rape and murder—50 years ago—of a woman from Queens, NY? That’s easy…

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How NOT to Help Diabetics

On November 21st, the Washington Post ran a Special Report on diabetes, featuring a series of supposedly informative articles. The report was sponsored by Novo Nordisk, a big name (maybe the biggest) in diabetes care. No doubt, they have every interest in getting people off their meds… Continue reading

What You Might Not Know About The Army-McCarthy Hearings

In light of the recent posting “Communist dentist nailed by Joe McCarthy dies,” I dust off this one I did back in 2007…

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Is Strict Allopathy The Only Answer To Mental Illness?

Conventional allopathic medicine is frequently criticized for focusing on, and treating symptoms, rather than the root causes of disease. Indeed, much pharmaceutical therapy targets a clinical finding deemed “abnormal,” and chemically moves it back into the normal range. If your blood pressure is too high, a pill will lower it. If your heart rate is too high, a pill will lower that, as well. And, much in the news, if your blood sugar is too high, there are also meds to lower that—most of which are endlessly advertised on television.

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More from Jonathan Gruber

Many folks are now familiar with this so-called “health economist” from MIT, based on the viral video in which he talks about the stupidity of the American voter.  As recently exposed by the Washington Times, this limo-liberal fraud, just like his fellow Bay Stater Liz Warren, has gotten quite well compensated working on behalf of the common man.

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“D’oh” Jonathan Gruber lets it all hang out regarding fooling the public on Obamacare