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Unreleased Energy Dept report shows Obama CO2 rules will raise electricity prices — contradicting EPA claims

EPA claims its CO2 rules will reduce electricity prices 8% by 2030. In an unreleased report, the Department of Energy begs to differ. Continue reading

If air pollution kills, why doesn’t it kill the Chinese?

The New York Times editorial page is using this photo of Shanghai to promote the myth that air pollution kills. Continue reading

No… study does not show that 20% of college freshman have been raped

A new study from Brown University social “scientists” claims that 18.6 percent of freshmen women surveyed at a university in upstate New York in 2010 endured at least one completed or attempted rape. Continue reading

Senate: EPA driven by politics, not science — Steve Milloy told the Senate that 20 YEARS AGO.

My how time flies — and nothing gets done. Continue reading

Does skeptic smearer Naomi Oreskes have a conflict-of-interest disclosure problem?

Is the Pope a climate hysteric? Continue reading

Study: CO2 emissions have increased water-efficiency of European trees

The media release is below. Continue reading

Monckton accuses Harvard of ‘research fraud’ in failing to disclose conflict-of-interest in EPA study

The fake Willie Soon controversy comes back to bite Harvard in the rear. Continue reading