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Another dietary myth debunked: Low-glycemic index carbohydrate diet

“The unexpected findings of the study suggest that the concept of glycemic index is less important than previously thought.” Continue reading

Pope Francis is fallible on global warming, says Catholic scholar

“The vital distinction between moral principles and their prudential application is a source of frequent confusion in the moral life.” Continue reading

Salt scare falls apart; Blame for hypertension shifted to sugar

But no scientific evidence for blaming sugar either. Continue reading

Ross McKitrick to EPA: Climate models over-predict and represent temperatures wrong

From McKitrick’s comments on the EPA CO2 proposal: [Read McKitrick’s entire comment]

“Over the 55 years from 1958-2012, climate models not only significantly over-predict warming in the tropical troposphere, but they represent it in a fundamentally different way than is observed.”

McKitrick EPA temps step

John Christy to EPA: CO2 not having ANY temperature impact where models predict

“The proper scientific conclusion here is that the models demonstrate that CO2 has had no discernible impact in the atmospheric region where models assert greenhouse gas impact should be the largest.” [Read Christy’s full comments]

Christy model failure

EPA CO2 rules will make make people poorer — and then kill them

Statistician Stan Young shows how the real costs and imaginary benefits of the EPA CO2 rule are a deadly combination. Continue reading

Uncovered: Scientist-enviro conspiracy to have neonic pesticides banned

Climategate meets anti-pesticide activism. Continue reading