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Are You Exposed To BPA, And Does It Matter?

For quite a few years, one of the most popular chemicals for scientific inquiry has been bisphenol A (BPA). Scientists around the world have been conducting a diverse array of studies aimed at understanding whether BPA poses a risk to human health.

Based on the weight of evidence from these many studies, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently answered the question “Is BPA safe?” with a simple and unambiguous answer – “Yes.” Read more…

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Dingell calls Supreme Court ‘stupid’ for allowing EPA to regulate CO2

Clean Air Act co-author John Dingell says Congress did not intend for EPA to regulate carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act. Dingell says the authors didn’t think the Court was ‘stupid enough’ to think otherwise. Boy, were they wrong. The video clip is from a Jan 28, 2014 House hearing. Continue reading

Study: ‘No Statistical Correlation’ Between Fine Airborne Particles, Premature Death

There’s no evidence to support the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) longstanding claim that fine airborne particulate matter measuring 2.5 micrograms or less (PM2.5) is killing thousands of Americans every year, according to the first comprehensive study of its kind. Continue reading

EPA air pollution scare debunked by best data set ever assembled on particulate matter and deaths

Airborne Fine Particulate Matter and Short-Term Mortality: Exploring the California Experience,2007-2010. Continue reading

Michael Economides, RIP

University of Houston professor, climate skeptic, editor and friend Michael Economides passed away over the weekend. Economides was the first to expose the practical impossibilities of carbon capture and storage. Remember him as a champion of science. Help defeat warmism and carbon capture and storage in his memory.

UK Government scraps salt reduction targets for foods

The Grocer reports: Continue reading

Claim: Medicines should be labeled for salt content

This is junk science because… Continue reading

Prominent Yale warmist admits global warming impact is ‘invisible’

Thank you Anthony Leiserowitz. Continue reading

Experts advise taking those sodium intake recommendations with a grain of salt

Morton Satin wants you to eat your vegetables. He wants you to consume broccoli, carrots, cabbage – all the good-for-you greens, reds and yellows out there. But most importantly, he wants you to enjoy them so you will eat them every day. And that means you must add salt. Bring that salt shaker out of hiding and start enjoying your food again, is Satin’s advice.

Who is this maverick whose concepts on salt fly in the face of years of advice handed out by most all public health institutions? Continue reading

UK Paper: ‘Saving planet… will take man-on-the-moon commitment’ — But at least then we understood the physics!

The Guardian comments: Continue reading

WaPo sweats SCOTUS review of EPA authority over coal power plants — ‘pro-EPA outcome is far from guaranteed’

The WaPo editorializes: Continue reading

Warmist points out LATimes bans letters from skeptics — but prints horoscopes!

Graham Readfern writes in the Guardian: Continue reading

Must read: Aussie journo takes down carbon tax as ‘the great climate fiction’

Greg Sheridan writes in the Australian: Continue reading

Senate GOP offers ‘The Top Ten Reasons The Government Shutdown Isn’t All Bad’ — Most involve EPA, environment

The Top Ten Reasons The Government Shutdown Isn’t All Bad Continue reading

European wind farm dismantled and not replaced for first time

The Daily Mail reports: Continue reading

Climatologist Drama Queens: Government shutdown claimed to cause ‘irreversible damage’ to ‘decades of scientific research’

Hard to believe taxpayers have given $350 million to these whiners to do nonsense research that returns zero to taxpayers. Continue reading

Dishonest: EPA chief says Obama climate plan not threatened by SCOTUS review of EPA authority over coal plants

About today’s Supreme Court decision to hear whether EPA can regulate stationary sources of CO2 (like power plants), Reuters reports: Continue reading

Sen. Malarkey claims shutdown prevents public from discussing EPA coal rules — But EPA propaganda tour ≠ discussion

BTW Ed, the EPA meetings are pro forma — i.e., designed to meet a coming court challenges to the rules, not to allow the public to weigh in. Continue reading

Sea Hysteria Run: Global warming to undermine oceans by 2100 — ‘ Truly scary to consider how vast these impacts will be’

The media release is below. Continue reading

Antarctic researchers whine about shutdown — But what do taxpayers get out of nonsense research anyway?

The New York Times reports: Continue reading