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EPA exposes exercising asthmatics to 9 times more diesel particulate than deemed safe — No adverse health effects reported

The latest episode in the continuing saga of EPA’s illegal human experiments. Continue reading

Formaldehyde in e-cigarettes: A cancer risk?

No. Continue reading

EPA banned experiments on children —but not until after it sprayed diesel exhaust up the noses of 10-year olds

But the agency still defends the tests as necessary for public policy — yet another illegal rationale. Continue reading

New study doesn’t show BPA a risk during pregnancy

A new BPA claims that exposure to realistic levels of BPA during pregnancy increases “biochemical markers for oxidative stress,” which are “associated with insulin resistance and inflammation, which are risk factors for diabetes and other metabolic disorders as well as cardiovascular disease.” Continue reading

GOP Keystone XL amendment would require Senate approval of any international climate treaty

Would cover Obama’s China deal, too. Introduced by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Missouri). Continue reading

Mercury-in-fish STILL NOT associated with developmental harm to children

The latest update to the Seychelles study. Continue reading

Denialism vs. Denihilism: What the prison warden in ‘Cool Hand Luke’ got right

As it turns out, the common epithet hurled by warmunists at their opponents has been widely misunderstood. Continue reading