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Most published medical research is FALSE — 85% of research funding WASTED, says Stanford study has been right for 17.5 years! Continue reading

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Abandon the 2°C target, says Nature commentary — not ‘scientifically meaningful’

We’ve been saying this for years. —>

Colorado wildfires NOT MORE SEVERE since 1800s, says ‘massive’ UColorado study

More warmist myth goes up in smoke. Continue reading

Video: Al Gore’s microphone fails while quoting Jesus and pronouncing the word ‘hypocrite’

Warmists bed-wet over Southern Calif. heat wave — in September 1939 (100 ppm CO2 ago) it was much worse.

Here’s the fretting. Here is New York Times coverage of the 1939 event. —>

Global warming STOP to last another 15 years, says Science mag study

Wonder if warmism will last that long? Continue reading

NOT MUCH: Summary of what other countries are doing on climate

What are 34 other major CO2 emitters representing two-thirds of non-U.S. emissions doing on climate? Find out here.