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Kansas Utility Commissioners to EPA: CO2 rules will ‘CREATE A BLEAK FUTURE’

Kansas to EPA clip

Read the entire letter and 40-page report.

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Plate Climatology Theory: Heat from tectonic activity contributes to climate change

The Sun, quite obviously, is the first order driver of Earth’s climate, but a much neglected second order driver can contribute significantly to short term variations. The theory proposed by geologist James Kamis is that periods of active Earth Tectonism or Volcanism, either locally or worldwide, can be correlated to periods of active climate change and climate-related events. Continue reading

Federal judge rules composition of FDA anti-tobacco committee ILLEGAL: Members on payroll of Big Pharma, trial lawyers

One of the Big Pharma/trial lawyer shills is the infamous Jonathan Samet — junk science epidemiologist and chief railroad engineer of radon, secondhand smoke, particulate matter and ground-level ozone. Continue reading

Climate Research Needs Re-direction

As is, “climate research” is mainly just grubby advocacy supporting the political war on carbon.” Continue reading

Exclusive Report from UCLA: Michael Mann stunned when asked about Nobel prize fakery

Here is an exclusive and detailed account of the UCLA Hammer Museum event featuring hokey stick inventor Michael Mann. —>

Major, heavily glaciated Himalayan range has stable and even GROWING GLACIERS, says Nature study

Remember Glacier-gate? Continue reading

We corrected this Nature headline…

… about the mid-term elections and science. Continue reading