Wanna see some human misery and disease and premature deaths–look at the displaced refugees

David Goldman disucsses the 17 million now displaced by the Middle Eastern disruptions.

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More on the delusions of the Federal Reserve

I commented negatively earlier today about at the nonsense that Robert McTeer is puttin out.

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Euthanasia and infanticide

For different reasons euthanasia and infanticide have been a reality for the human race.

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Save the planet. Drain all the lakes and reservoirs?

Climate Central says hydropower many not be good for the environment because of methane emissions from the water. Continue reading

Meteorologist Sadar on climate predictions and modeling delusions

I think this is a good one to consider for today.

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Condoms to save the planet?

The Population Reference Bureau says birth control and family planning could stem climate change.  No mention about the inverse relationship of birth Rate and GDP. Continue reading

Climate change is a security issue?

Hagel says says it is.  I agree, it’s a distraction to real, immediate issues. Continue reading