More Baise on Water

More on the proposed changes in the Clean Water Act from my friend and our ally Gary Baise.

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Clean Water Act, navigable waters

From the Great Lakes to every puddle is what the EPA wants to regulate.

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Good Intentions trump good results

That’s what I am told when failures of grand plans fail.

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Get a charge from flushing

Flushing a toilet as a source of renewable electricity?  Korean research teams say it’s possible.  Continue reading

Common Core as a commie strategy

The commies (they call themselves progressives) have always been interested in taking the family down.

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Ontario goes coal-free: Toronto suffers a blackout within 24 hours

Bob Greene:

Reliable, low carbon energy?

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:

From the too not-funny to be as funny as it should be dept:

Thunder-Bay-OPG-Generating-StationOntario is now the first jurisdiction in North America to fully eliminate coal as a source of electricity generation. The Thunder Bay Generating Station, Ontario’s last remaining coal-fired facility, has burned its last supply of coal. Operated by Ontario Power Generation, Thunder Bay Generating Station was the oldest coal-fired station in the province. The plant is scheduled to be converted to burn advanced biomass, a renewable fuel source.

The province has replaced coal generation with a mix of emission-free electricity sources like nuclear, waterpower, wind and solar, along with lower-emission electricity sources like natural gas and biomass. The move to bio-mass rather than to natural gas has raised concerns in Thunder Bay. NOMA and Common Voice Northwest, and the City of Thunder Bay have all expressed concerns.
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Clean energy for national security

Forbes has four ways the military can use clean energy for national security.  Force readiness and capability doesn’t seem to be included.  Continue reading