Most published medical research is FALSE — 85% of research funding WASTED, says Stanford study has been right for 17.5 years! Continue reading

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There has to be money in BPA scares. Time for another grant?

A BPA expert says that we should avoid thermal cash register receipts because we could get BPA.  So, what should we use, paper money that’s full of germs?  Continue reading

Not satisfied with the no harm findings?

EPA Office of the Inspector General is getting into hydraulic fracturing.  Continue reading

Major, heavily glaciated Himalayan range has stable and even GROWING GLACIERS, says Nature study

Remember Glacier-gate? Continue reading

The ultimate in saving the planet?

“Don’t print this”  green tag lines cost energy.  Continue reading

More on misguided Public Health agencies and political correctness

I read this short essay by Heather MacDonald that I put up yesterday again last night–and think it deserves more attention.

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A time for choosing plus 50

I believe in capitalism, I hate socialism and the arrogant despicableness of it; how it crushes the human spirit and makes humans into sheeple.

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So many fools, so little time–dietary supplements

Understand this, the basic food groups as far as your intestines and liver and muscles and tissues are concerned are amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, minerals, vitamins. Your body is a stupid but amazing machine. Chemicals don’t get religion or have preferences, they take your diet as it comes in and make the most of it. Cells are non judgmental.

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