Global warming means snow, more or less

The Weather Channel muddles through winter, extreme weather and snow from the crystal ball of modeling and simulations. Continue reading

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Mobocracy–a natural progression

de Toqueville said that the gig is up when the people find out they can give other people’s money to themselves with government help.

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Land control under Endangered Species Act

Land can be designated critical habitat even if the species hasn’t been seen there for 50 years and the land doesn’t contain all the necessaries for the species to be there. Continue reading

CBO prediction–Obamacare a big economic burden.

Gee, why am I not surprised.

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Grade inflation in College? I’m shocked. Of course all the kids are above average.

It’s kinda like college in general–devalued. A phony scam producing kids who are empty headed.

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I don’t trust the Feds to tell me what the unemployment situation really is–do you?

I would have to say–politics impacts everything–and the Bureau of Labor Statistics is an unreliable source of information on employment, because they are answering to the man.

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Bob McTeer salvages his reputation with this one

I have been repeatedly concerned with how economics can make a difference.

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