Omigosh, now it’s fireworks

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bamstercare COOPS–bound to fail but opportunities for scams

I ran a Federally Certified HMO in the early 80s. Insurance is not for amateurs. COOPS in bamstercare were supposed to be wonderful opportunities for grass roots health insurance plans–bbbbuuuuuttt.

The idea of putting together insurance programs like COOPs is a chance for a scam. Any ambitious managed care program is a great example of the fatal conceit, but may also be a chance to get to the trough for fast talking confidence men–another gov opportunity for corruption.

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American Journalists Soviet Comintern spies–you bet

I would say most people have no idea the magnitude of the infiltration of American Gov and society by the commies.

McCarthy had no idea of the magnitude.

That also is true of infiltration of the media and entertainment.

Here is a story about journalists who were agents, like IF Stone, big icon of the left, but there were many socialists who were closet commies–I would suggest a place to start is the enshrined Walter Lippman, writer, reporter, columnist doyen of DC political writers for year but a lefty for sure.

Lippman wielded political power and had great influence, all for the left and the commies.

He lived a long successful life and career as the alleged smartest guy in the room for decades. Died in 74. Lippman was a progressive/socialist yada yada, which means he was a commie sympathizer.

He was an important man for decades, starting with his involvement with Wilson’s ambitions but all the way through the 40s, into the 60s. Here’s a guy who was influential when Wilson was pres all the way to LBJ.

Here’s another report.

I would recommend the work of Stan Evans and Herb Romerstein, Stalin’s Agents and Stan’s great defense of Joe McCarthyBlacklisted by History for starters, but I found gems and information that was stunning in Ann Coulter’s Treason, Diana West’s American Betrayal, and a recent book by Pacepa Disinformation. Ion Pacepa was head of the Intel and espionage for Romania, but defected and spilled the truth. Pacepa tells a shocking story of a systematic espionage and influence peddling by the Russky’s with particular emphasis on Andropov and Putin, who were key players in KGB espionage and very able and effective in their work.

Pacepa tells all in his book–he is a regular columnist for PJ Media.

Now the Harvard Nurse’s Health Study junk mill, says citrus causes melanoma

Sure a 10 % risk–that is in an observational study–some basic rules for evaluating the pile of crap.

Besides, I thought that the melanoma experts were convinced it was UV ray exposure. Jon Samet and the ACS probably have some survey study association of melanoma with tobacco use, even second hand smoke exposure. Research is so much more rewarding when you can cheat for a chance at publication and ignore the rules.

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The enviros have a dummy economist feeding them poppycock

I continue to be amazed that these so, so smart guys ignore the emptyheaded economics put out by the enviro movements and its running dog government agencies.
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More on the SCOTUS put down of EPA

I am not happy because the SCOTUS is still reluctant to question the EPA junk epidemiology and toxicology claims.

They are still ignoring the EPA sponsorship of human exposure research that involves exposures that the EPA says are lethal, toxic and cause cancer.

What can you say when a Federal agency promoted unethical and illegal research?

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John Graham summarizes the mess of bamstercare

It’s all right here, the lies, the deceptions the media

John Graham, Healthcare Policy expert at National Center for Policy Analysis provides in depth exposure.

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