EPA exposes exercising asthmatics to 9 times more diesel particulate than deemed safe — No adverse health effects reported

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Trivial Complaint File

Despite the multitude of important issues in the world worth getting worked up over, sometimes it’s the little trivial things that are the most annoying. Continue reading

Sam Karnick, Chris Monckton, provide some push back to warmer claims

I have worked with and respect Sam Karnick, a fine and intelligent fellow who speaks for our side eloquently.

Of course my high opinion of Monckton is well known.

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Methane is now the scare, the beat goes on–Boston is leaking methane

This is BS. No way that the methane leaking out of Boston pipes is worth 90 million. If it was there would be a project to prevent it. 90 million is serious money.

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Talbott pops off in the WAPO

The commies say that bad people are determined by their oppressions and their grivances.

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Laparoscopic gastrectomy better for stomach cancer

Well you might expect fewer complications because open surgery had more infections.

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Couple of cardiac studies worth noting

The first study shows some reduction in risk of a repeate Myocardial Infarction for those on Beta Blockers, the second an apparent healing and repair trend in persons with unknown cause heart failure.

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