Statement by Willie Soon

(March 2, 2015) — Dr. Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics released the following statement through The Heartland Institute in response to repeated attacks on his character and scientific integrity. Continue reading

More on the food nannies nonsense

I know you think I am piling on, but here is another essay that discusses why we should STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THE FOOD NANNIES.

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A continuing obligatin to get Dave’s comment up.

I will just try this one more time to get Dave Burton’s comments on the Freeman Dyson and the carbon dioxide statements properly stated.

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RIP M. Stanton Evans — Pioneer of Conservative Movement

Among other books and accomplishments, Stan Evans wrote the definitive account of Joe McCarthy and his times. Continue reading

Bob Carter issues detailed statement defending Wilie Soon

“The controversy involving Dr. Willie Soon and his coauthors is manufactured and the partisan accusations levelled against them are false.” Continue reading

NO… air quality is not related to slower learning in children

Enviros are desperate, dumb or both. Take your pick. Continue reading

Black English is “streamlined–proper English is racist?

Does anyone remember the ebonics thing–does anyone notice that the bamster does a ghetto patois when he’s feeling particularly good about himself?

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EU claims environmental noise kills 10,000 per year

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