He who controls the language wins?

An excellent article from Science 2.0 on climate change not causing extreme weather.  Except we are using climate change and extreme weather.  Continue reading

Enterovirus 68 linked to neuromyelopathy and paresis/paralysis

We all knew about the respiratory problems of enterovirus 68 and the encephalits (brain inflammation), now we’re seeing some myelitis (spinal cord damage) that is from a new strain of entero 68.

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Gary Baise, lawyer who protects farmer and ag interests from tyrannical gov talks nitrates

Methemoglobinemia causes blue babies. Scary thought, but I have never seen it in 44 years of practice.
Nitrates, found in fertilizer, are one of many causes of methemoglobinemia. Other causes are some drugs, and, for example, aniline dies.

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Baby killing–OK with Princeton and Oxford

Is this getting sick or what?

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Mixed reports on the mighty T

Of course all men want to be virile and healthy, and there is a case for Testoterone, except there are some downside risks.


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This is an example of how corrupt the bamster administration can be

So there’s a law that allows someone to cash in tax free if he takes a government job, and then work on issues that he should recuse from? Only in the bamster banana republic.

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NO… study does not link pesticides with lower sperm count

Hard to get dumber than this one. Continue reading