I got the answer–let’s call it an accord, not a treaty–that’s the ticket

Bamster proposes to create the Kyoto 2 end around gambit to avoid the inconvenience of consitutional requirements, like senate ratification by 2/3rds.

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When social goals interfere with education–things get displaced and misplaced

So we talk about the problem with close reading, a big common core effort to eliminate the buggabear of cultural advantages.


This essay puts some meat on the bones of the argument that Common Core is intended to produce little automatons who will be good cogs in the socialist machine.

As the Borg say–you will be assimilated.
Curriculum that is barren of content and context and an attempt to contract or limit will fail.

Sierra is back–talking Los Angeles climate change predictions

Sierra shows us that the dire predictions game is again, off a couple of clicks.

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EPA Staff: decrease ozone NAAQS

The EPA staff report calls for decreases in the ozone standard. Continue reading

Cleaner air, what will new regulations accomplish?

The EPA announces progress in air pollution.  Major “cleaner air” standards haven’t come into effect yet, are they needed? Continue reading

Is your sunscreen killing phytoplankton?

The ingredients of sunscreens and sunblocks can react with UV light to create hydrogen peroxide which is toxic to phytoplankton.  It didn’t say anything about bleaching hair. Continue reading

Global warming means snow, more or less

The Weather Channel muddles through winter, extreme weather and snow from the crystal ball of modeling and simulations. Continue reading