And I thought the military was an all weather, all terrain force

In a required report, it looks like the US military looks at climate change. Continue reading

Need some sea level rise propaganda?

Use new mapping graphics and dial your sea level rise scare.  This one picked 8 feet, why not 9, 10, 12 or higher?  Continue reading

Dr. Rust takes down the EPA claims on ozone

Nice work.

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Alexis predicted our political demise

This is why Alexis de Toqueville is recognized as a great political commentator and analyst.

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Commie economics and NYC mayor DeBlasio

The guy is an idiot and socialist economics is idiotic.

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1960s Planned Parenthood Brochure says that Abortion Kills a Baby

At the time they were promoting the new rage, birth control pills.

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Terminator time–AI scaremongers

I am not prepared to think that Sci Fi theories about Hal type computers or SkyNet (Terminator) takeovers are in the realm of possibility.
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