David Dilley, former NOAA meteorologist, tells of the junky NOAA climate crusade

Dilley is, like so many retired from government, revealign the nature of their deceptions and intellectual/scientific malfeasance.

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Murdoch says too much money chasing too few options

He also says the enviros are disrupting economies.

He’s right, but what he doesn’t understand is that it’s their goal to bring down economies and reverse modern progress–and to hell with “developing” nations.

They want to install a socialist/enviro world tyranny.

They are members of the High Holy Church of Pantheism and want to create a Planet
Wildlife Park.
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Review of a bad movie based on a bad book

Naomi Oreskes is a propagandist and liar, who wrote a lying book and now one of her allies made a lying movie.

Milloy gets irritated just to think she continues to specialize in partisan fanatic attacks on those she disagrees with, loaded up with calumny and vilification while she poses as a serious scholar.

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Robert Ellison is another victim of the fatal conceit

This is the second post at American Thinker by Robert Ellison that made my nose twitch. Looking back I should have been paying more attention, since Thomas Lifson has put him up a few times at American Thinker.

Ellison is troublesome to me because he is a climate big thinker–and we all know what Hayek said about the fatal conceit.

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Commentary on the two new female Army Rangers

This is an essay that I think will give the reader who doubts pause.

I will have to reconsider my own reluctance to think female special ops is not sensible, given the detail this male Ranger gives to indicate the accomplishment was not a fake affirmative action one.

I know and have known special ops people who were extraordinary so I thought the physical demands would be too much for light skeleton less muscular females. However.

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Theodore Dalrymple provides some perspective on traumatic stress

I get really irritated to hear of the supposed terrible trauma that some have suffered to their permanent detriment.

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Thanks central bankers and economics shills, for pretending there is a free lunch

If a central bank sets interest rates too low, it encourages borrowing–boy that’s a tough one to understand.

Inflation is political theft by con men.

Now everybody is angry about raising interest rates 0.25 %? Andrew Jackson was vehemently against a central bank and I must say I am troubled, particularly when I consider that the oligarchs like central bank policies that encourage loose credit.

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