Dr. Oz gets a proper vetting by some Columbia P and S faculty

I was once an intern in the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons system.

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Frank Capra had it right about America

I find this speech/essay inspiring and enlightening–viewing the greatness of the American Experiment through the eyes of a poor boy from Sicily who made it big in the movies.

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Clean Power Plan lies by EPA Air Chief

This clown is trying to make the Northeast an exmplar of the benefits of EPA regulatory overreach?

NE US has brownouts and shortages and grid weakness that will get worse–but enviros like that retrogression. In the New World of sustainability less is more, decline is progress, shortages are abundance.

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The Demise Of The UK Aluminium Industry

Bob Greene:

How to export your industry, raise the cost. But you do get to complain about “pollution” from where the industry and jobs went. So, I suppose, there is some advantage.

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:

By Paul Homewood



Three years ago, Britain’s last major aluminium smelter, Lynemouth, was closed. This followed the closure of the Anglesey plant in 2009.

An industry, that used to boast of production figures of 300,000 tonnes a year, is now reduced to the tiny Lochaber plant, rated at 43000 tonnes.

The reasons for these closures was well documented at the time, and the major one was high energy costs, largely due to UK climate policies.

The independent think tank, Civitas, published this report at the time:


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Even Newsweek can’t support the wind power idiocy

This is a surprisingly good condemnation of wind as an alternative energy source by a normally liberal and lefty newsmagazine.

Thanks to John Droz

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APS members comment on climate change statement

Originally posted on Climate Etc.:

by Judith Curry

The battle over the American Physical Society draft Statement on Climate Change is heating up.

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Need an activist rant?

Derb Carter, Southern Environmental Law Center is really upset that the democrats were voted out and the activists are losing control.  Continue reading