Bamstercare still faces some legal Challenges

Wouldn’t that be just awful–no socialized medicine to promote rationing and mediocrity and harass physicians, nurses and hospitals.

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Ocean Acidification debunked?

A new paper shows that water pH varies with temperature, higher in summer and lower in the colder winters.  Does this debunk the ocean acidification scare?  Continue reading

Racialism and Ebola

So anything we do to quarantine West Africans is racist?

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Australians are resigned to the reality.

Climate models and modelers are not doing well.
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E15? No E30

The founder of the American  Coalition for Ethanol is angry and feels cheated by the EPA because they stopped at E10 and should go to E30.  He pretty much guarantees it won’t harm engines.  Continue reading

This is a no brainer–choose, fanatic enviro ideas or progress for the 3rd world

Sometimes I want to ring these clown’s necks. Don’t they care at all about the poor and striving humans on the dark side of the planet?

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Marita on the question, what is more important

I think most of you will agree that we seem to have our priorities mixed up. Marita explains.

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