Oops! One wrong equation caused the #climate scare!

Bob Greene:

Does this explain some of the feedback adjustments?

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How did many usually sensible experts get “GLOBAL WARMING” so very wrong?


Oops! One wrong equation caused the climate scare!


RED FACES all around among the profiteers of doom. A wrong equation that falsely triples the tiny direct warming caused by doubling CO2 concentration has been discovered and exposed in a major peer-reviewed paper just published in the Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences  (LINK – pdf), one of the world’s top peer review science journals.

No rogue equation means no climate crisis.

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African burial rites were a significant contributor to the Ebola epidemic

National Geographic hits this cultural tradition as one of the major reasons for Ebola spread.

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Biofuels might cause harm, like deprivations?

Let’s imagine that food producing land in the tropics is used instead for some fuel stock–canola oil for diesel or sugar cane for ethanol–and people went without food.

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Roy on NE snow

Discussion on NE snow storms shows that warming and Atlantic water vapor are not factors.

Couldn’t be.

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Roy Spencer on peak food–the apocalyptics always spin bad–food is more available

I am a big fan of Julian Simon–called a cornucopian for his optimistic assertions about the future.

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Essential to living things. However reactive and even corrosive.

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Another one for the list of things caused by climate change

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