Public school green

Indiana University Bloomington Shool of Public and Environmental Affairs is proud of purchasing green energy credits, showing their commitment to sustainability.  Higher priced energy purchased with public money?.

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Even Deserts are Carbon sinks–DUH

Some are in a tizzy that carbon dioxide stimulation would increase carbon sink effect in arid desert.

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EPA fumbles around and then Punts

Charles Battig MD follows up on a little problem–the dog ate the EPA research.

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Tipping Point Insanity

Thomas Lifson works the panic attack, with the help of Marc Morano.

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Renewable energy to the rescue?

Ukraine is seeking investments in renewable energy to reduce dependence on Russian gas.  Continue reading

Another junk science Patient Safety Pronouncement

Do these people even stop puttin’ up this crap?

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Dueling reports IPCC v NIPCC

You already know my bias.

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