Temp around the world varies a bunch

And what is “normal” or “ideal” for whereever?

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Lomborg’s Senate testimony

Bob Greene:

The cost of action could be twice the cost of inaction.

Originally posted on Climate Etc.:

by Judith Curry

Because   there   is   no   good, cheap   green   energy,   the   almost   universal  political  choices   have   been   expensive   policies   that   do   very   little. There   is   much   greater   scope   for   climate   policies to   make   the   total   climate   cost   greater   thought   the   21st   century. – Bjorn Lomborg

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Sunscreens from when Mick Jagger was young still not approved?

Federal agencies can’t decided to approve sunscreen?

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The Cost of Delaying Action to Stem Climate Change

The White House climate change propaganda report published to coincide with the Senate hearing out.  The report seems to be something along the lines of climate insurance and looking active even if it has no effect. Continue reading

Witch hunting by climate hucksters

Roger Pielke gets the treatment for saying what is obvious–more value, more damage from weather events.

Not climate catastrophe, weather.

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3°C from the “carbon” rules?

A new PR push on the “carbon” reduction from power plants rule sure makes it seem like they are claiming that, until you read the sentence carefully. Continue reading

Public Health crusades that went wrong–at least sorta wrong

I won’t comment.

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