Statement by Willie Soon

(March 2, 2015) — Dr. Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics released the following statement through The Heartland Institute in response to repeated attacks on his character and scientific integrity. Continue reading

Radical Left finds solace in that Netanyahu ONCE expressed concern about climate change

But has Israel reduced emissions? Continue reading

Renewable crony capitalism?

A billionaire is working to get a 2% renewable mandate for fuel oil in New York.  Continue reading

Nice guy: Roger Pielke Jr. touts warmist defense of him at Willie Soon’s expense

Warning: Never share a foxhole with Roger Pielke Jr. Continue reading

NYTimes objects to Netanyahu’s insistence that Iran give up its terrorist ways

In a shocking editorial slamming the Israeli PM’s “unconvincing” speech: Continue reading

Terrorist Iran defends itself in NYTimes with Clintonian excuse

Really unbelievable… Continue reading

More on the food nannies nonsense

I know you think I am piling on, but here is another essay that discusses why we should STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THE FOOD NANNIES.

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A continuing obligatin to get Dave’s comment up.

I will just try this one more time to get Dave Burton’s comments on the Freeman Dyson and the carbon dioxide statements properly stated.

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