I don’t trust the Feds to tell me what the unemployment situation really is–do you?

I would have to say–politics impacts everything–and the Bureau of Labor Statistics is an unreliable source of information on employment, because they are answering to the man.

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Bob McTeer salvages his reputation with this one

I have been repeatedly concerned with how economics can make a difference.

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U. S. Auditors say Obama’s climate math checks out. Continue reading

heroin/opiate “antidote” now available in Rhode Island “over the counter”

The perception that more and more “good folk” have been overdosing
and dying due to opiate overdosing (both prescription drugs such
as oxycodin, morphine, etc. and also street drugs such as heroin)
has gotten more and more people concerned.
There’s an “antidote” (in quotes for a reason) called naloxone
(best known brandname: Narcan™) which… will now be available
over the counter at drug stores in Rhode Island…
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So, it’s the glyphosate in my GMO non organic corn chips making me fat

Want to get rid of a long string diseases, including obesity?  Ban Roundup and pesticides.  A foray into some scares.  Continue reading

Roger Simon tells the climate hoax story

So the bamster is warming up to force more enviro nonsense.

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Sugar and Ethanol–statist economic manipulation of markets–shame

Kevin Williamson always exposes a sore spot or another example of government stupidity when he goes a hunting.

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