Jo Nova on carbon dioxide sequestration

This is here usual fine dissertation.

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Hard to guarantee “organic”

So organic foods aren’t so pristine–big deal, it’s still just food with a trace of chemicals, like the mainstream food.

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HIV in drug users–the story in Indiana reveals

HIV has always had a special status because it is associated with homosexuals, but this is about the problem of ideology getting in the way of public health.

Widespread problem–local enviros intimidate local pols into more aggressive actions

This is very similar to the sanctuary movement–local agitators and advocates intimidate weakling local officials.

Expands the influence of the noisy. Very often local politicians will do anything to avoid the mob, even if the mob represents a minority position.

Tyrant in chief has a new a more aggressive enviro/climate plan

Of course his most aggressive underlings wrote up the details and the public relations lies, but he want it–it means more power for government mandarins and less liberty for citizens–that’s what he likes.

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Night Shifts are unhealthy

Shift workers suffer. I was once a shift worker on a sporadic basis, I stopped night shifts when I could, a few years ago. Hard on you, circadian rhythms are hard to suppress and there is a price to pay for going against them.

I would suggest that gastrointestinal problems are a big factor, along with overeating and resultant obesity.

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Health care will cost more–now the media say that’s good?

An AMA morning report on the projections of increased health care costs and spending.

Now reports are that bamstercare is part of the reason as if it shows that bamstercare should be considered a positive development? The Newspeak is hard to follow without the leftist libretto.

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