Save the planet, take longer to dry your hair

The European Union is proposing wattage limits on a number of plug in devices to reduce energy use, which would save the planet from global warming.  Hair dryers are making the news and it seems that watts instead of watt-hours may be the criterion.  Continue reading

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Name and shame

The latest effort to save the planet is voluntary GHG reductions in lieu of a treaty.  Voluntary commitments didn’t work in the past. Continue reading

A good reason to end the Bush political ambitions

The son of RINO Jeb, George P manages to irritate me more than his daddy, who was the one who prohibited drilling off Florida and generally has been irresponsible on illegal immigration.

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Ice cap melt? Not

Algore was known at one time for bringing cold weather, now his prediction on ice seems to be contradicted by the evidence.

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Myth Of Arctic meltdown exposed again

Bob Greene:

Missed predictions do not seem to count

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:

Arctic ice [image credit: NASA]

Arctic ice [image credit: NASA]

This one runs and runs, but as it’s featured in a story in the UK national press (Daily Mail Online) quoting leading climate science figures like professor Judith Curry, we’ll give it another airing.

There does seem to be a good deal of suspect logic being thrown at the inconvenient fact that Arctic sea ice is refusing to go away as predicted by the UN IPCC and assorted like-minded pundits peddling their biases. Claims that ‘natural variability’ is just a confounding factor interfering with the supposed real story – i.e. significant man-made effects – have the appearance of wishful thinking, as no actual data is offered in support.

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Another VA failure

As part of the stimulus, the VA got into wind power projects and was less than successful. Continue reading

I got the answer–let’s call it an accord, not a treaty–that’s the ticket

Bamster proposes to create the Kyoto 2 end around gambit to avoid the inconvenience of consitutional requirements, like senate ratification by 2/3rds.

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