Germans say aerosols are making the climate modeling worthless

Well, that and paleoclimatology (historical studies) and the evidence that shows the modeling is not anywhere close to the real world.

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Grace Marie on the Oregon collapse of the bamstercare exchange, but there are so many more

There is a big government/DC thing that Grace plants at the end of this fine essay on how the exchanges are crashing. It makes me think she wants to fix a big central plan for health insurance.

Hey Grace, my suggestion, instead of fixing it, just shut the damn thing down and reduce the gov impediments to a free market health insurance system.

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GMOs good, enviros bad. Who can defend the enviro position–SATAN

I get tired of these anxious comfortable well fed 1st worlders when they start trying to work the enviro positions on the backs of the poor and deprived from the developing nations.

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Hey, ninnies, nannies, anxious chemophobes and other nut cases, the cancer numbers are good

In my now extended lifetime I have many times practices in places where people claimed that they were suffering from some cancer epidemic. I knew and most intelligent physicians knew that they were suffering from the effects of reporting and sometimes clusters.

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Restating climate forcing theories?

A study from the Max Planck Institute says that cooling from aerosols is less than thought, so does that mean that warming from CO2 is less than thought? Continue reading

Climate Sensitivity

Charles Battig on climate sensitivity and victimization. Continue reading

National Wildlife Federation De-volves into Climate Alarmists!

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:

Guest essay by Jim Steele

Since I can ever remember, my greatest joys in life came from exploring nature. During my childhood, I coveted every Golden Nature Guide and eagerly read every edition of National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick series. Sadly the National Wildlife Federation seems to have devolved into an organization eager to profit from climate alarmism. Instead of enhancing our understanding of nature as they once had, they have chosen fear mongering with twisted facts. Instead of providing honest information that advances wiser environmental stewardship, they are ‘crying wolf’ and undermining scientific credibility. Crying wolf will only do more harm than good.

Every March for over 70 years NWF sponsored National Wildlife Week. In years gone by I saw this as a wonderful positive, suggesting people stop and think about win-win scenarios for people and wildlife But now Ranger Rick and the NWF join David Attenborough in…

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