Common Core Junk Science

A real physicist discusses Common Core junk science.

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Franken stein?

Climate scientists predict droughts from climate change.  Droughts will affect the growth of barley and there goes your beer. Continue reading

Climate change according to MSNBC

MSNBC makes it easy to see what climate change will do to you, by region.  I suppose they have overcome the problem with GCM’s being unable to make regional predictions.  Continue reading

How do you stop the climate from changing?

Simple, go to court and get money or an injunction or something. Continue reading

Before I pack my bikini

I can use the sea level rise mapping tool before I pack for the NC Coast. Continue reading

High holy day?

So, who in the government is noticing Earth Day? Continue reading

Sea level rise by zip code

An on-line mapping tool that allows you to check the affects of sea level rise by zip code is available.  Continue reading