All you need is a Communist dictatorship and poverty

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OK AG has a plan to bury bamstercare

Let’s review some legal strategies.

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JR Dunn at American Thinker on the gangbanger problem

I have emphasized the problem of criminality in the black community and the unavoidable antagonism that develops in a criminal culture. When one-third of mothers have children who were or are in prison, guess what–it’s the police they dislike and resent or they have to blame their children. Mothers don’t do that.

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Josh Bloom on the goofy Dr. Oz

I don’t much care for wellness and counseling schticks–encourages too much schlockiness.

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Marita Noon discusses an ocean acidification research fraud

My my, Marita covers another fraud and scandal?

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Ever heard of Munchausen’s by proxy

Munchausen’s Syndrome is faking medical conditions to get medical attention and even admission to the hospital and procedures and treatment.

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It’s not as warm as in the past

We all knew this, even Michael Mann knew this. The Russians remind us there was a warm period of significance called the Minoan warm period about 2700 BC.

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