FACT SHEET: EPA’s Claim That Its Coal Plant CO2 Rules Will Save Lives By Reducing Particulate Matter Emissions Is False

You may submit this information to EPA by December 1, 2014 as a public comment. A PDF of this fact sheet is here. Continue reading

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For those PM2.5 heart attacks

Statins may protect people from air pollution.  Continue reading

Another endangered species

Canadian cowboys are finding better things to do than punch cows.  Continue reading

SCOTUS to review EPA mercury rule for power plants

State and industry petitioners point out that the rule costs a real $1,500 for every $1 in hypothetical benefits “produced.” We have the petitions. Continue reading

Pay attention, damn it

Here is a great little experiment on how to be more convincing in communication or more effective.

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Sustainability, now there’s a pregnant word

Here is a short and insightful commentary on an abused term by a guy involved with the salmon issue in the NW.

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Gluten free diets overrated but favored by food fetishists

Some people just need to be anxious.  Some people are obsessive/fetishist by nature.  Kind of like the fussy people who are always objecting to the food put on their plate.

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