CDC officials declare bamster an amateur for allowing sick aliens in, big surprise

These CDC characters probably voted for the clown, support the clown, but consider him a—a clown, a black clown, so that’s OK. Identity politics creates problems–like questions of good sense or competence. CDC problems are nowhere near the crux of it–national security, the economy, race politics–where do we begin.

Letting in people with diseases is insignificant.

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Dr. Bill Gray Responds To Pope Francis

Originally posted on Real Science:

Originally posted in The Coloradoan.


Pope Francis’s Climate Encyclical Is Unwise and Should Not Be Acted Upon

by Bill Gray

It is unfortunate that Pope Francis has let politics and erroneous climate science sway his judgment into advising the world to change much of its energy usage from cheaper fossil-fuels to more expensive renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.). Such changes will slow-down the globe’s future economic development and adversely affect the poorest people of the world. And such changes will not significantly improve our global climate.

Pope Francis’s Encyclical gives a rather pessimistic view on the current status of humanity with its large wealth disparities and its market driven economic systems which appear to many to put profit above the overall benefit of society. Yet it is the extensive use of fossil-fuels and the free-market economic system which has so greatly raised the living standards and life expectancy of…

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Steve Goreham on the insanity of EPA air regs–based on bad epidemiology

Steve Goreham is a wonderful and effective writer, a great ally in this battle and friend.

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“Grooming” children, a despicable form of sexual predation in muslim cultures

In a world full of evil, one cannot help but be angered by politicians, social services and social scientists and law enforcement looking the other way. Problem is bigger in places where muslim populations are large enough for what amounts to no-go areas of sharia/muslim dominance.

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Jon Hall’s essay may be my winner on the King Jurisprudence

This guy Jon Hall really covers some ground.

He even covers an IRS trick that Roberts and Scalia didn’t address.

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17th of Ramadan coming up

You know that muslims are big on anniversaries. For example Sept 11 was the day of a couple of big humiliations for the Ottoman Army of the Caliphate at Vienna and Belgrade.

But a great victory was won on the 17th day of Ramadan at Badr, the first big victory for the great prophet (peace be not on him), which this year coincides with July 4th.

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Another voice on the King V Burwell SCOTUS issues

Here’s a well informed guy from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and his essay is a fine one.

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