Spengler waxes eloquent on political national suicide and other things.

This guy is breathtaking sometimes. He goes by Spengler, name is Goldman.

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Trees reduce pollution, but not enough?

A study shows that Portland’s urban forests reduce pollution but also finds hazards at less than half the EPA standard.  Is this realistic or a good study that goes off the rails? Continue reading

Sunspots cause warming, wanna know how?

So here’s the deal–cosmic rays cause clouds to form that reduces warming because it blocks the sun.

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Oh please, if you have a concussion, go to your health food store?

I can’t believe this crap.

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A Lead Author of IPCC AR5 Downplays Importance of Climate Models

Originally posted on Bob Tisdale - Climate Observations:

Richard Betts heads the Climate Impacts area of the UK Met Office. The first bullet point on his webpage under areas of expertise describes his work as a climate modeler. He was one of the lead authors of the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report (WG2).  On a recent thread at Andrew Montford’s BishopHill blog, Dr. Betts left a remarkable comment that downplayed the importance of climate models.

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Victor Davis Hanson speaks truth to tyrants about Ferguson and more

I have a collection of VDH books because he is one of the great classical age and military historians of this age or any other. Author of many books, political commentator and essayist.

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Common Core fallacies

You all know I think Common Core is a conspiracy to make kids into good cogs in the socialist machinery.

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