Old style. I haven’t heard “toxic cocktail” in a while.

China’s shipping pollutes says the NRDC.  Continue reading

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We could hope

The climate propaganda panic de jeur is a GOP takeover of the senate and filling key positions with “deniers.”  Continue reading

$2.5 billion/year is underfunded?

Climate change depression because the US just doesn’t believe and we underfund research?  Continue reading

Well isn’t that just special–you went to Africa to be a savior. MY MY

The Church Lady would say. A few weeks ago Ann Coulter got people upset when she said that missionary types sometimes get a little unbearably self important. Maybe they could do more staying home.

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Got milk?

Milk was once a healthy food, now 3 glasses of milk a day can lead to early death.  Really?  Continue reading

Carbon Sequestration Project at Kemper will have a little overrun on costs–surprised?

Kemper Project in Mississippi, the prize project of the energy bozos–thought to be perfect because they could burn pulverized coal and pump the CO2 into the ground, now is three hundred percent over original estimates at 6 plus billion. I am certainly not surprised.

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IPCC scientist says he predicted the pause–and it might last a lot longer

When you get to say anything to justify your theories, and say that any evidence that refutes your theories actually supports your theories–you are in the scientific funding sweet spot.

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