ATTENTION, Phillip Hamburger says I am wrong about Michigan v EPA–Chevron may be in danger

We complain here at JS that judicial deference to agency interpretive discretion under the jurisprudence of Chevron v Natural Resources Defense Council (1984) gives agencies waaaaaayyyy too much power, actually making them a legislative player.

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Homosexual marriage is not a benign disruption of society

McCarthy defends objections to the silly Kennedy’s marriage opinion.

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Australian coal destroying the Great Barrier Reef?

So says a propaganda piece by Earth Justice.  They are invoking the power of the World Heritage Organization.  Continue reading

Michigan v EPA discussed

This writer doesn’t realize how this is a little hiccup, the SCOTUS is a lapdog for the administrative welfare state–these judges believe that they should be a part of an oligarchy–improsing their “expert” preferences, just like the EPA.

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VDH on the CA mess–and the US future

Too bad, for example I see Texas going down the same track, thanks to fake Republicans like Joe Straus, Speaker of the House.

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Could affirmative action go the way of the DODO bird?

Let’s hope so. SCOTUS will look at University of Texas admissions practices–that are heavily weighted to race quotas.

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Sepsis discussion irritates me

Experts talk about sepsis linked below.

They also, like most wonks, have a great affection for guidelines, protocols, and quantitative studies to allow them to encourage further research and create planning committees.

It also gives them a chance to confirm for others that people are not getting the care they should.

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