EPA exposes exercising asthmatics to 9 times more diesel particulate than deemed safe — No adverse health effects reported

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Let’s review the climate science that the lefty greens rely on–woops–wrong math?

You can’t make this stuff up.

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Mark Christian MD, groomed to be a Muslim Brotherhood leader–warns us

The life story of Dr. Mark Christian is compelling. His advocacy of good sense with regards to the savage ideology of Islam is eloquent and well founded. He grew up in a jihadi environment and is now a Christian warning us.

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Disabled or unhappy? Get your hand out

So note the high rate of mental disabilities in the report linked below–I am a little upset too and deserve a check for my discomfort.

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Look at this crappy commentary at Science 2.0

I am just amazed. I have always thought that Science 2.0 was a reliable source of commentary.

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Cutting unemployment benefits increased employment? Surprised? Why?

NCPA points out a remarkably predictable phenomenon. When the benefits dry up, people start taking things into their own hands.

Lesson to be learned about the welfare state.

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Steroids in pneumonia mo’better

I have always considered pneumonia to include a reactive airways component so I prescribed steroids, just as I would in reactive airways disease in other circumstances–bronchitis asthma.

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Indiana goes down–expands Medicaid

Mike Pence, another midwest phony conservative, takes Indiana down the road to single payer and expands the welfare state.

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