Running Away: Yet another fake Nobel claims bites the dust, courtesy of

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Psych drug therapy for troubled people–and children

Here is an essay on an increasing problem–using chemical restraints for troubled people.

I run into it all the time in corrections medicine–bad people with bad lifestyles on psychotropics of all kinds, from tranqs to the new antipsychotics, sporting causally applied diagnostics, like adult or child ADD, bipolar, schizoid, when many of them are just personality disorders with temperament and mood symptoms.

But drugs offer an easy out.

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Placebo effect screwing up pain med drug trials

When we have discussions here at JunkScience on drug or treatment effectiveness, the placebo effect is always lurking in the background.

Lookee here, drug trials encountering an increasingly serious placebo effect confounder.

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Allen West on Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs

I have 5 dogs, and I know the heroes of the US Army. I even know a few snipers and some special operations people.

This essay by Lt. Col. Allen West, now the Exec of the Dallas based think tank, National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) definitely a sheepdog, explains the problem of pacifism and weakness in the face of danger and threat–the inanity of people who think appeasement and cheap talk solves the problem of threat.

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Correlations that explain why the EPA is just putting out Bullshit

In epidemiology any correlation can be asserted to have a causal relationship.

However any epidemiologist worth his salt will tell you that in observational studies correlations, even robust ones, like are necessary to get past confounder factors, are still hypothesis generating.

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Bob McTeer get’s out the old David Ricardo lecture on trade

All of what McTeer says is true, trade is good, improves markets. Tariffs generally are antagonistic to market and anti-competitive. McTeer is for the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement. I think the agreement has poison in it, just like so many of these international agreements–look to who gets to write them.

McTeer gives some good examples for being a free trader.

However he glosses over my and Lawrence Kogan’s biggest objection to the trade deals–too often they incorporate clauses and reference laws and policies that are part of the leftist, socialist, internationalist agenda–for example the agreements for trade often incorporate the precautionary principle and fanatic environmentalism and all that they entail.

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Dr. Tu a mainstream scientist, not a magical herbalist

There was never a time when naturally occurring plants were not considered possible sources of pharmacological agents.

However the big push for magical Eastern medical theories created the myth of Chinese Herbal Magic, that is being resurrected by the ignorant BS press in the wake of Dr. Tu’s Nobel prize in Medicine.

All the media are Channeling the Eastern Mystical stuff again. What’s your mantra?

Plants can contain poisons and pharmacological agents, sometimes the poison/drug effect is just dose related–remember Paracelsus. For example Oleander is poisonous because it has a cardioglycoside that also is beneficial in the right dose.

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Cruz takes down Sierra Pres clown

I like this.

It’s why they don’t like to debate us. They are factless, clueless, evidenceless, but confident that they are right.

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