Sterling Burnett on the idiocy of renewables

Here I am in an oil producing state, but my State Senator, Troy Fraser was bought by wind interests many years ago and sponsored a successful bill to force electricity produces to use wind–a stupid, ugle, inefficient method that increases costs.

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Marita talks nukes, oil and Iran

The world market could be affected by the aggressive nature of Iran in the middle east and the disruptions.

Marita discusses.

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Public outcomes reporting affects physicians

This is actually a well known phenomenon reported below in the Journal of Cardiology.

Treated like a surprise?

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Blue Angels, in the Eagle and the Bearcat

Captain Bill (USN Ret.) sent me this Blue Angels video with a retro to the Bearcat.

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Support the green revolution by going on a diet?

Scientists have just noticed that green, renewable biofuel competes with food production.  Continue reading

Cheap means highly subsidized when you are green

I ran across a green energy article touting Germany’s cheap, green electricity for energy intensive industries.  Continue reading

Tol is going to be persona non grata with the warmers

More on the 97% claim.

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