FACT SHEET: EPA’s Claim That Its Coal Plant CO2 Rules Will Save Lives By Reducing Particulate Matter Emissions Is False

You may submit this information to EPA by December 1, 2014 as a public comment. A PDF of this fact sheet is here. Continue reading

Wanna know about the Death Cross–here ya go

It’s a bad omen for a long term decline in stock prices.

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What’s Really Melting: Obama’s Alaskan Lie

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Tesla is a bubble fraud and it will come apart–Musk is a creep says Kimball–I agree

I have a Tesla owner in my family–she thinks she is helping the environment and I wish her well.

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I love a good diagnosis–food fetishist is clumsy, I prefer orthorexia nervosa

It’s easy to explain–a person, usually female or a feminized male, with an obsessive compulsive personality (OCPD), decides to live healthy and be a perfect example of a responsible liver (not the organ but the viva) and eater–but, as usual with OCPD, the real thrill is in the control freak experience and the feeling of superiority–no I can’t eat this–does it have ____ in it? An exaggerated version of the finicky eater who abuses waitresses about the food in a restaurant. Perfectionistic control jackass behavior and I hope there is a corner room with a lock in hell for them so they can all torture each other and compete for superiority.

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John Beale, favorite of Gina McCarthy and Brenner at the EPA–goes to jail on million dollar fraud

Stan Young sent me this news item.

I think Beale was an agent for the enviros–but most of the high level EPA officials are.

He had a big role to play in air pollution science fraud.
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The distortion of meaning of words Orwell warned us about–and a reminder about leftist Bullshit

The lies told by propagandists are often laced with words that are used improperly.

But you knew that. Slogans and jingoism is a home for language and word misuse and deception.

How bout AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, that is not about affordable or care. I take you back to the series I did on leftist Bullshit.

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The sociologists wring their hands about nuance in interpreting findings

So a guy from Duke says, at the annual meeting of the sociologists, crudely I might say, that nuance has been innapropriately enshrined as a key to good sociology research and commentary. I would agree, but I would say that sociological research is too often tainted with politically driven confirmation bias and tunnel vision and nuance may be a way to enable that overreach. Does nuance mean I am smarter than you and how and why is a nuanced mystery?

For example I could nuance my way to a theory and not talk straight about what leads me to that theory.

Nuance would be an artifice to be condemned if it used to bolster outcome or confirmation bias.

You decide what this is all about.

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