Your hockey team will be green

The NHL is going for zero carbon emissions, not by closing down, but by buying REC’s.  Continue reading

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Another tipping point

NOAA has come up with a sea level rise tipping points.  A matter of definition based on nuisance flooding.  Or, if you live in a low-lying coastal area you might see a nuisance flood. Continue reading

We can change GIGO?

High resolution models supposedly will usher in the golden age of climate science.  So “high resolution” fixes prediction problems and good data?  Continue reading

Model fail

Knappenberger and Michaels quantify the mismatch between models and observations. Continue reading

IPCC Lead Author and the Nazca Vandalism

Originally posted on Climate Audit:

nazca linesIPCC Lead Author Sven Teske, as alertly observed by Shub Niggurath, was one of the leaders of the vandalism of the Nazca lines during the recent Lima conference.

Several years ago, I had criticized Teske in his role as IPCC Lead Author, a criticism also taken up by Mark Lynas.

Like the Nazca vandalism, Teske, a Greenpeace employee and activist, had promoted the Greenpeace scenario in the IPCC special report on renewables. Teske had been Lead Author of the chapter responsible for critical assessment of the feasibility of the Greenpeace renewables scenario – an assessment that was not carried out in the chapter or report, despite expectations of policy-makers and the public.

The Greenpeace scenario was then equally uncritically promoted in the IPCC press release, from which the following statement was widely distributed:

Close to 80 percent of the world‘s energy supply could be met by renewables by…

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Endangered Species Act shenanigans? Shocking

This is one great area for speculative but very effective hand wringing–my goodness, the disappearance of a bird or a fuzzy mammal is really important–but even a bug or a lizard or a bladderpod plant bring tears to me eyes.

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The latest biofuel de jour just in time for the oil glut

Ethiopian mustard, or carinata, seems to be getting some PR in the we can convert anything to biofuel business.  Continue reading