JunkScience wins appeal of Obama EPA FOIA denial on human experiments

Elections apparently really do have consequences.

In preparing for my National Academy of Science testimony on EPA’s illegal human testing, I came across an internal EPA document indicating that EPA’s human experiments program had a history of problems.

This information was withheld by EPA from the National Academy of Sciences committee investigating EPA’s illegal experiments.

So I filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with the Obama EPA as follows:

My request was basically denied on October 27, 2016.

The EPA claimed there were only two extant documents, only one of which the agency was willing to share. So I appealed, expecting to be stone-walled and denied.

Then November 8, 2016 happened. On March 7, 2017, my appeal was granted. A virtually unheard of event in the world of EPA FOIA.

Now I await contact from the EPA Office of Science Adviser about getting my FOIA request fulfilled. Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “JunkScience wins appeal of Obama EPA FOIA denial on human experiments”

  1. The FOIA release is welcome news and should make the National Research Council reconsider its planned whitewash.

    However, we will never know everything will we–these FOIA requests have to be made but they undoubtably do not get a lot of the sensitive and damning information that is handled by clandestine methods.

  2. Hopefully this will be one success in a long history of successes freeing information due the American voters. Bully!

  3. Over several years and inch by inch, Mr. Milloy and associates have done the justice for the American people that had been viciously denied by the Obama administration, and in particular, the USEPA

  4. PS
    The comment I ‘Amened’ congratulated you and looked fwd to seeing the info released, but it seems to have disappeared…………….

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