What might be the fate of EPA’s corrupt science advisory panels?

From E&E News:

Additional reading on the corruption of EPA’s science panels.

5 thoughts on “What might be the fate of EPA’s corrupt science advisory panels?”

  1. The head of the EPA is the most important nomination President Trump will make.

    It is essential that he clean house completely. The MSM will go ballistic but, happily, the current President does not bow to the MSM.

  2. Well done Steve Milloy in making the transition team. You were pretty much a lone voice for a long time but you kept at it.

    I think I’ll invent the Churchillian Medal for Persistence in public service and I name you its first recipient, Milloy.

  3. The Federal Government has been lying for so long I am not sure it is redeemable. The clean-out will have to go very deep.

  4. Whilst they still go through the motions, I’m increasingly getting the feeling that many alarmists know the climate system was corrupt and had to change.

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