4 thoughts on “TV News: The Future of EPA (features Steve Milloy)”

  1. These are NOT laws they are EPA regulations. Laws come from elected representatives. Regulations come from regulation mills.

  2. John!
    You’re right on the money–this bunch of power-mad fanatics have done serious damage, not only to millions of Americans who have had their lives and careers ruined, but have caused science itself to be compromised by their dangerous, irresponsible misuse of science. Those perpetrators who knowingly distorted and manipulated data for their nefarious ends, should be forced to pay back the money they extorted thru the years (It’s in the billions) face serious criminal charges, and long sentences.
    They’ve nearly destroyed the most honored, respected country on the planet– one of their worst crimes is the crippling and near destruction of our Automotive Industry. We produced powerful, beautiful cars that only we could build and that the average American could afford– before the EPA Monster struck. Those cars are now being sought after by collectors around the world–paying many multiples of their original price.
    That’s just one tiny example of their serious treachery and as we know, the list is huge. They need to be dismantled as soon as possible. There are many positive vocations where the workers could use their training to benefit society instead of destroying it as they’ve done for far, far too long! America can-and will-be great again.

  3. I consider the E.P.A. to be a sick, power happy mess. 1) It doesn’t legally exist. The Constitution is supposedly law, not opinion. It sets severe limits on what the federal government is allowed to do, and has not been amended to permit the E.P.A. to exist. President Nixon’s signing the bill to form the E.P.A., is one of the things he did that was worse than Watergate. 2) The E.P.A. has obviously become inexcusably invasive. 3) Often, the E.P.A.’s “science” seems to be questionable. It doesn’t help that privately funded research, such as oil companies and “conservative” think tanks, is automatically deemed biased or wrong, yet government funded (with our tax money) research is guaranteed true? Since when is scientific truth based on “consensus” , rather than repeatable and verifiable results and facts?

  4. we all know how important it is to protect our environment. we also know how out-of-control the EPA has become. I’m hoping our new president, and the Congress can get together and restore reasonable EPA standards that the entire country can get along with and not put such a great burden on individual landowners and business……..

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