New Book Exposes How EPA Distorts Science To Fit Its Political Goals

From the Daily Caller about Steve Milloy’s new book: Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA — which is the #1 book in’s Public Affairs & Administration category.

Read the entire review.

… #1 in Public Affairs & Administration.

3 thoughts on “New Book Exposes How EPA Distorts Science To Fit Its Political Goals”

  1. Congratulations and best wishes for progress in 2017
    There seems to be a strong ray of hope that your uncle D.J. will get things moving in the field of PC and BS reduction in the USA, and this could benefit those of us in other countries as it trickles down………..

  2. “distorted science”. Whenever I see “Study shows, Might have a possible link to–, Could cause–” It raises a huge red flag, 10-22! A classic example yesterday; “Study shows that States that have legalized medical marijuana have lowered their traffic deaths by 11%!!!!” But as you read this there was no other statistics about the other states or what their fatality rates were or if they raised or lowered during the same time frame. Also there were no other factors listed that could have affected the traffic death rate such as new laws, stricter enforcement especially of distracted driving, or increased use of public transportation such as Uber. Also no possible reason why this would affect it. If they are not showing us the whole picture, why?

  3. The PM2.5 regulations seem to be totally based on the numbers and wt. of particles and independent of what they are made of. A particle of salt mist is not the same as a particle of diesel smoke or photochemical smog.

    By lumping all types of particles into one measurement, the results will be junk. Living down by the beach in Surf City, we have lots of PM2.5 from the surf, but I don’t worry about it.

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