Cost of climate change in Alaska is… negligible

What is someone threw a scare but the damage didn’t really show up?

The worst-case cost is estimated to be a cumulative $5.5 billion over the next 85 years. But Alaska’s GDP in 2015 alone was $54 billion. So worst case damage to Alaska is not even a significant digit.

The media release and abstract are below.


Cost of climate change in Alaska

Researchers estimate that the potential economic damages to Alaska’s public infrastructure resulting from climate change may be around $4.2-5.5 billion for 2015-2099, depending on future climate change intensity; if proactive adaptation efforts are taken, estimated expenses are reduced to around $2.3-2.9 billion, the authors suggest.

Article #16-11056: “Climate change damages to Alaska public infrastructure and the economics of proactive adaptation,” by April M. Melvin et al.


6 thoughts on “Cost of climate change in Alaska is… negligible”

  1. Timing is everything…tell Alaska there going to be “Global Warming” in the middle of winter. The residents may sue if the warming doesn’t happen as promised.

  2. 97% of apprentices have the same opinion about the causes lkimatskih changes. If you say that this is a consequence of human factors, we can conclude that before the birth of these experts epidemic of the mosquito zik, and therefore their knowledge so little. If there is anyone influential that it can draw the attention of these experts on the impact of natural law.
    Climate change resulting from the mutual relations of the planets and the sun and its magnetic field.
    I own evidence that planets cause the 4 cycles of sunspots from 11.2, and a diagram of the solar PLEG 123 years (11.2×11, approximately).

  3. ‘Researchers estimate that the potential economic damages to Alaska’s public infrastructure resulting from climate change’

    Researchers whose livelihood depends on finding potential economic damages.

  4. So they had to go to 85 years to make a number big enough. I guess around 59 million per year was not big enough.

  5. The cost of STOPPING said Global Warming (if it’s not warming, it’s not CO2) will be inestimable. The base revenue generated by oil in Alaska is $6+ Billion per year, and 1/3 of all employment is tied to the oil industry. Destroying the oil industry – the “cost” of preventing Global Warming – would hamstring the state budget and make even basic services un-affordable.

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