6 thoughts on “North Carolina slams EPA’s mad rush of midnight regulations”

  1. McCarthy’s predecessor, Lisa Jackson, promised in 2009, that she would seek to overturn the Bush administration “midnight regulations”. The most critical of these to the environmental lobby was the memorandum by outgoing EPA chief Stephen Johnson, which stated that carbon dioxide was not a pollutant to be regulated and officials assessing applications by utilities to build new coal-fired power plants could not consider their greenhouse gas output when approving power plants.

    Jackson also revealed the administration’s pre-determined policy on CO2, when she said that:

    “Our first steps on taking office were to resume the CO2 endangerment finding and to seek fuel efficiency standards to reduce carbon pollution. The Law says Greenhouse Gases are pollution.”

  2. I hope he is successful with the letter; however, the Obama Administration shows no mercy to those trying to stop its economy killing climate regulations.

    James H. Rust, professor and policy advisor The Heartland Institute

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