8 thoughts on “Medicalization of common conditions”

  1. Big Bang Theory touched on this when Bernadette pointed out her pharma employer both invented a disease and the medicine to treat it in the same week.

  2. This reminds me a lot of psychiatry and the trend to push psychological conditions onto patients.

    Unfortunately psychiatry is a fraud.

  3. Watched a “48 Hours” segment where this undertaker victimized a wealthy old widow, “took care” of her and blew through 3.8 million dollars of hers. When she came up missing, her family searched her home and found her in the deep freeze. She had been shot 4 times in the back. Evidently she suffered from dementia which made her vulnerable but in one of her more lucid moments she discovered what her “care giver” had done and blew up possibly threatened to call the police. He shot her in a panic and stuffed her in the deep freeze. His defense lawyer used a new age psycho defense. “She was so disagreeable that he snapped and his mind left his body and the body killed her, so he is innocent, the body did it.” Evidently the jury agreed with her, they sentenced his “body” to 99 years.

  4. Back in the 50’s and 60’s regular physical activity was required in public schools. Elementary schools had ‘recess’ and lunch breaks to play in the schoolyard, and high schools had a mandatory 1-hour gym class three times a week.
    Then they introduced ‘progressive’ education and all that went away faster than health checkups for immigrants.

  5. Yes! Tad. And preschool kids ran, jumped and raised cain instead of setting in a day care watching a video of “Barney” dancing to a rock beet for hours on end. The activity prevented obesity and helped develop their muscle and co-ordination.

  6. It’s worse than we thought. I’ve determined that we are all suffering from a pre-disease, namely pre-death!


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