EPA’s Diesel Hypocrisy of the Day

EPA announced the following enforcement action against engine manufacturer Detroit Diesel Corp. today:


EPA noted the following about diesel exhaust emissions in its announcement:


Two points:

  1. Note EPA fails to mention in this paragraph that the agency believes any exposure to diesel exhaust can cause death within hours of inhalation — diesel exhaust is, after all, 95 percent comprised of the supposedly deadly PM2.5. EPA was either negligent in omitting this key point or else JunkScience.com’s campaign to expose EPA science fraud is having effect.
  2. Note the underlined text about diesel exhaust being particularly harmful to children. But recall EPA-funded researchers sprayed diesel exhaust up the noses of children as young as 10 in experiments conducted at the University of Southern California and UCLA — after proposing that experiments on children be banned and after the state of California determined that there is no safe exposure to diesel exhaust (see Conclusion #20).

BTW, EPA’s notion that spending every dollar spent reducing diesel exhaust emissions produces $13 in health benefits is total nonsense — most importantly because there are no health effects avoided or prevented caused by reducing diesel exhaust emissions. So zero times whatever-made-up-value-EPA-assumes-as-the-economic-value-of-an-avoided-health-effect equals zero.

3 thoughts on “EPA’s Diesel Hypocrisy of the Day”

  1. Wow. I had no idea about the experiments on 10 year old children, that’s just plain sick.

    I wonder if the EPA will ever actually find a way to be useful in cleaning up the air, instead of just being a waste of taxpayer money.

  2. It would appear for a fee you can commit or attempt to commit mass murder, just pay the piper. Maybe a legal expert should be retained and refuse payment until a corpus is produced having actually expired from the Phantom Menace 2.5.
    Unexplained is how these 7000 or so deadly devices evaded the close and vigilant regulators.
    I am reminded of John Froines quote, ” none of this is real “.
    Except the money of course.

  3. These people have a huge NOx problem themselves….
    Overwhelmingly they emit vast amounts of the variety where x=0.5 i.e. N2O………laughing gas…..
    Very soon it will waft into the public domain and the joke will be on the junk scientists………..

    BTW…….’these risks can disproportionately impact sensitive populations such as children’ doesn’t actually say ‘more’ or ‘less’……………
    The null result from the Mengelean diesel exhaust experiments allows valid claims to be made with both forks of the tongue simultaneously…………..

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