Victory: Another Fake Nobel Prize Taken Away From Warmist

And it only took a few hours from soup to nuts.

Earlier today, JunkScience wrote to the General Counsel of the University of Delaware alerting her that the University once again falsely claimed that IPCC contributor Dr. John Byrne is a Nobel Prize winner as follows:


By early afternoon, the problem had been fixed as follows:


JunkScience and friends are fixing the world one false claim at a time. This is the sixth or seventh (or more) time we’ve done this. You’re welcome.

10 thoughts on “Victory: Another Fake Nobel Prize Taken Away From Warmist”

  1. the “crusaders of science” today seem to be a vicious bunch of fakes, frauds, and liars. I supposed it comes with the territory of grant money and too many PhD’s trying to not get a real job.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. The problem is that these people spend so much of their time lying about so many things that you never seem to catch up.

    In a sane world, catching them in enough lies would destroy them professionally.

  3. Despite the apparent silence, there are many scores of us who do thank you for slowly righting this insidious falsehood that is perpetuated by very small people who apparently have a minus score in self-esteem and grasp at any straw in attempt to make themselves look professional and erudite.

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