Update: National Academy of Sciences Review of EPA’s Illegal Human Experiments

Some good news.

Our effort to open up the EPA’s bid to have the National Academy of Sciences secretly whitewash its illegal human experiments program has had more impact.


The first success was forcing the NAS to open up the process via the Aug. 24 public meeting.

That meeting then forced the NAS Committee to hold another non-public meeting on September 16, the purpose of which was to discuss the testimony we presented at the Aug. 24 meeting.

So our testimony was compelling enough to force a non-public meeting of the NAS Committee (or at least 12 of its 15 members) to discuss what to do with it. Ignoring our testimony is apparently not an option.

This doesn’t mean the fix is not still in.

Two weeks ago, I wrote the NAS to ask how it would ensure that the heavy EPA presence and conflict-of-interest possibility (probability?) among the parent board of the NAS Committee would be managed. No response has yet been received.

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