NO… Indonesia’s 2015 forest fires did not kill 100,000… or even one

99% of air quality researchers are the most dishonest and/or stupidest people on the planet.

Here’s the claim — basically that particulate matter (PM) emitted by burning forests killed people. This is obviously based on the EPA claim that particulate matter kills.

JunkScience has already debunked that notion here.

Although the paper in question has not been made available to the public yet — more science by “news” report — the news report did present a graphic (below) of the PM levels caused by the forest fires.


Despite the forest fires, these ambient PM levels are very low. In contrast, ambient PM levels in Beijing have hit levels 40+ times greater or more (i.e, 1,000+ micrograms/m3) but with NO deaths attributable to it reported.

5 thoughts on “NO… Indonesia’s 2015 forest fires did not kill 100,000… or even one”

  1. this is just their attempt to segue into a new fund raising scam now that AGW is pretty much a loser with the public

  2. I remember the same crowd that was fighting man made emissions, jumping and cheering wildfires because “they are natural and beneficial!” BLM will not allow anyone to fight wildfires on BLM land, they can only fight it if it crosses over onto private property and they can not be held accountable for the damage caused to private property. But this rancher in Oregon is rotting in prison because a fire he started to clear dangerous weed growth crossed over onto Federal property.

  3. I assume the graphic’s EPA standard line in red, without explaining text, is to be presumed by the reader to be the threshold of death. Rather than an arbitrary line (even the EPA isn’t happy with their “standard”).

  4. I live in the Sacramento, CA region and we have had a lot of wildfires this year.
    At night, when you want to open your windows and cool down the house for free (and save the planet), you end up breathing smoke.
    It has never done more than irritate my already sensitive lungs a little.
    I have not hear anyone in the local media telling me about some poor. compromised individual having problems worse than that.
    And you KNOW they would if they could.

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