NO… Air Quality Did NOT Kill 9-11 Rescue Workers

Despite 15th anniversary claims to the contrary, 9-11 responders actually experienced a much lower death rate than expected.

It may be hard to believe for people unfamiliar with air quality reality, but it is true nonetheless.


Here’s the key study published in The Lancet on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy. It reports that 9-11 responders experienced less than half the expected mortality (i.e., Standardized Mortality Ratio = 0.45). Below is the study abstract.



The Sept 11, 2001 (9/11) World Trade Center (WTC) disaster has been associated with several subacute and chronic health effects, but whether excess mortality after 9/11 has occurred is unknown. We tested whether excess mortality has occurred in people exposed to the WTC disaster.


In this observational cohort study, deaths occurring in 2003–09 in WTC Health Registry participants residing in New York City were identified through linkage to New York City vital records and the National Death Index. Eligible participants were rescue and recovery workers and volunteers; lower Manhattan area residents, workers, school staff and students; and commuters and passers-by on 9/11. Study participants were categorised as rescue and recovery workers (including volunteers), or non-rescue and non-recovery participants. Standardised mortality ratios (SMR) were calculated with New York City rates from 2000–09 as the reference. Within the cohort, proportional hazards were used to examine the relation between a three-tiered WTC-related exposure level (high, intermediate, or low) and total mortality.


We identified 156 deaths in 13 337 rescue and recovery workers and 634 deaths in 28 593 non-rescue and non-recovery participants. All-cause SMRs were significantly lower than that expected for rescue and recovery participants (SMR 0·45, 95% CI 0·38–0·53) and non-rescue and non-recovery participants (0·61, 0·56–0·66). No significantly increased SMRs for diseases of the respiratory system or heart, or for haematological malignancies were found. In non-rescue and non-recovery participants, both intermediate and high levels of WTC-related exposure were significantly associated with mortality when compared with low exposure (adjusted hazard ratio 1·22, 95% CI 1·01–1·48, for intermediate exposure and 1·56, 1·15–2·12, for high exposure). High levels of exposure in non-rescue and non-recovery individuals, when compared with low exposed non-rescue and non-recovery individuals, were associated with heart-disease-related mortality (adjusted hazard ratio 2·06, 1·10–3·86). In rescue and recovery participants, level of WTC-related exposure was not significantly associated with all-cause mortality (adjusted hazard ratio 1·25, 95% CI 0·56–2·78, for high exposure and 1·03, 0·52–2·06, for intermediate exposure when compared with low exposure).


This exploratory study of mortality in a well defined cohort of 9/11 survivors provides a baseline for continued surveillance. Additional follow-up is needed to establish whether these associations persist and whether a similar association over time will occur in rescue and recovery participants.


This is not unexpected. Rescue workers tend to be young and strong. To the rare extent poor outdoor air quality has killed in the past, it has generally killed old and/or sick people.

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  1. Yeah, if there’s any junk to debunk it is the Nature article itself. I mean, look at the premise for the study: Comparing the number of surviving first responders who later died from a disease with non-first responders (people the on the streets, not at the immediate WTT crash site) is flawed as the dust from the obvious high energy EXPLOSIONS (who brought the buildings down) spread a circumference of atlas a couple of miles and therefore similarly got exposed to the dust. Regardless, the post-911 death of first responders are significantly higher that the average population, which fact apparently has been impossible to hide, whereas the raise in death from people (non-first responders) exposed to the dust, radiation or other agents are much more difficult to identify. 9/11 was clearly an inside job ! Don’t live in darkness of that fact (as I did for years) and the fact that the US government has been hijacked by an elite of neocons, zionists/marxist-leninist, etc. and are planning to turn US into an Orwellian styled totalitarian state ! The ironically named Patriot act is just the first step in the process. David Icke spell out elegantly But the evidence is abundant e.g. Architects/engineers for 911Truth

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