Conflicts of Interest at the National Academy of Sciences?

A committee of the National Academy of Sciences is reviewing what I have described as the EPA’s unethical, if not illegal program of human experiments involving air pollutants. But is “the fix” in favor of the EPA built-in to the process?

The National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on Assessing Toxicologic Risks to Human Subjects Used in Controlled Exposure Studies of Environmental Pollutants is reviewing the EPA’s human experiments.

Thge composition of the committee seems fairly innocuous. But things get more interesting when you move up a level to the committee’s parent organization,the Board on Environmental Studies & Toxicology (BEST).

Among the BEST’s 19 members, 13 members (68%) have significant past or present financial or professional ties to the EPA:

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.07.43 AM

I sent this letter requesting the BEST’s chairman, Dr. William Farland of Colorado State University, to explain how he will manage these apparent conflicts of interest.

3 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest at the National Academy of Sciences?”

  1. Steve,
    I truly enjoy your work, and bringing light to a blinded populace which I refer to as the Jonathan Gruber effect. Your work in exposing fraud and corruption in this foundational area of “sustainable development” or the UN Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 implementation, and the fortunes being made by scientific groups, schools, and individuals is sustaining some sort of hope for some of us who are not presently under the Gruber effect employed by the liberal globalist. For your tireless work I commend you sir.
    R.S. Helms.

  2. Your persistence in tackling these people about their self-serving BS, and the clear way you question them so as to prevent them from dodging the issue set an example to those of us in other places facing the same junk science from our ‘public servants.’

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