Claim: Dirty air killed 6.5 million in 2012

False. Poor air quality killed no one.

The World Health Organization yesterday claimed that poor air quality (indoor and outdoor) killed 6.5 million in 2012.

No actual bodies or deaths were identified — these are only “statistical” (i.e., imaginary) deaths.

The WHO basically multiplied its assumptions about the lethality of PM2.5 with estimates of exposure to PM2.5 and, voila, that equaled 6.5 million.

But as explained here, PM2.5 kills no one, and zero deaths multiplied by estimates of PM2.5 exposure equal zero deaths.

Here is the World Health Organization report.

Here is the WHO media release.

Here is coverage in The Guardian.

Here is’s “FACT SHEET: Particulate Matter in Indoor/Outdoor Air Does NOT Cause Death“.

7 thoughts on “Claim: Dirty air killed 6.5 million in 2012”

  1. As a young boy with asthma growing up in the 50’s Southern California. I was exposed to dirty brown air with smog. I found it limited the activity I could do. But I am still here. My fireplace hasn’t killed me yet.

  2. Our ancestors sat beside smoky fires for hundreds of thousands of years, the folks who cold not process smoke were wiped out. We are carbon based lifeforms, we can deal with a little soot, we would not enjoy smoking so much if we couldn’t.

  3. the China polluted air stats completely blow this nonsense out of the water. I believe this blog was one of the first to point that out with references to the pre- and post-pollution body counts from actual deaths.

  4. Give them credit, it draws attention away from the real threat of the dangerous drug pandemic that is overwhelming our society. Since these drugs are a part of their progressive fantasy they cannot allow the light to shine on the damage they are causing.

  5. If merely dirty air killed 6.5 million people in 2012, can you imagine how many billions of people have died from “climate change” over the last several years? (snark).

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