10 thoughts on “Milloy Presentation to National Academy of Sciences on EPA’s Illegal Human Experiments”

  1. The biggest elephant in the SKY is not ever addressed by anyone, and that is GEOENGINEERING aka
    WEATHER MODIFICATION programs altering the weather with heavy usage of ‘particulates’ dangerous to every living breathing entity on this planet. Pesticides, RoundUp GMO ruining soils in USA is an added
    danger, if ‘scientists’ were
    inclined to tell the truth?
    The truth is right over everyone’s head every day throughout the year, and yet, there is no incentive to LOOK UP!
    The first step in science is OBSERVATION, and that is now obsolete, too many texts to do on iphones and smart phones ya know?

  2. if only the money the EPA wasted was directed toward the cure for cancer, or diabetes, or ALS, or ?….where would the human population be health wise today?

  3. Now that this hearing took place, I once again Googled “EPA illegal human experiments”.
    Not a single article or mention by any member of the MSM. Not even to justify or support the EPA. Nothing.

  4. Congratulations, Jim John Stan and Steve…

    If they believed PM was as dangerous as they claim, they committed atrocities on their ‘volunteers’……….
    If they knew no harm was going to be done they defrauded the public out of $Billions in tax revenue [which could have been allocated to more useful purposes] in continuing to promote their BS about danger to public health and hence the need to ban all kinds of activities needed to maintain modern standards of living……..
    May the MSM get onto this ASAP…. Then the MSM in other countries will start to take notice of this scam which does not affect the USA alone………..

  5. Well done, Steve! You eviscerated them. Your conclusions were inescapable:

    • “If PM is as deadly as EPA claims, then its experiments violated every law/regulation established for the protection of human study subjects since the Nuremberg Code.”

    And if that is the case then they should be prosecuted and jailed for their crimes.

    And if this is true:

    • “The only way EPA does not have this legal culpability, is if PM is not as dangerous as EPA has told the public and Congress.”

    Then there is no reason for the EPA to be regulating PM and that means they need to be shut down and held responsible for regulating what didn’t need to be regulated. How many people’s lives and businesses have been adversely impacted and affected by the financial burden of the EPA’s fallacious PM regulations?

    The EPA needs to be held responsible either way. Time to shut it down.

  6. I have been following this issue here, as well as blogs like WUWT, but the information in this presentation is far, far worse than any scenario I was able to piece together before. I was unable to hear the presentation, and am very glad to be able to see the PowerPoint slides.

    Will there be a video at any point? I’d love to see the whole session.

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