10 thoughts on “Did fall from tree kill famous human ancestor Lucy?”

  1. Lmao. How Lucy who never existed died? LMAO.

    There is a reason humans, not apes or animals, always wondered whence they came. That’s intelligent design too.

    Tall to me about the sun. Then with a straight face using no science at all and tell me that gargantuan call of gas just showed up there.

  2. Humans have always wondered where they came from, try intelligent design, how anyone can surmise anything else is insanity. Think it’s an alien, think it’s a cow, score of women, one God. … Whatever we didn’t arrive here by mistake and this entity gave us the intellect to always ask the question where are we from?That’s the difference between Lucy or any other animal. They aren’t wondering where they came from. The job of the media in the US is to beainwash us to deny God completely use pseudo science and force us into mental slavery. Without a creator the lot of us don’t exist.

  3. Typical evolutionary bunk. Didn’t Dr. Johanson even admit at one point that Lucy was a “composite”? I suspect that is code for not all the pieces of Lucy having been found in the same place. Is it true that he made this “discovery” of Lucy shortly before the grant money ran out? What does 40% of a specimen actually prove, especially when so many of the pieces are no bigger than my thumb nail? I will wait for others to weigh-in on the above questions but I strongly suspect that Johanson is as much a fraud as Charles Dawson, the “discoverer” of “Piltdown Man”. “Oh! Ye suckers!!!”

  4. What happened to this site?
    The new interface is clumsy and ineffective.
    I used to love it.

    Sorry to nitpick a good cause.

    “You coulda been a contender”

  5. Unfettered imagination. “Science” “knows” from a bone fossil what sex she was, what she wore, what she ate, what her social life was like and now (drumroll) they know how she died! Amazing!

  6. Popper had a few ideas about science*……..
    50 years ago repeated experiments determined the number of students who could cram themselves into a 1960’s Mini…..
    This was science, but like estimating the number of angels who could fit on a pinhead, the current example of irrefutable conjecture is not science….
    IMHO it would be fair to say that any ‘scientific’ activity which is not capable of being repeatedly consistently and accurately replicated [or refuted] is nature study and not science…..
    *’Science may be described as the art of systematic over-simplification.’ and [FYI; JD, JE, SM and SY]…….
    ‘No rational argument will have a rational effect on a man who does not want to adopt a rational attitude.’

  7. If Lucy fell out of a tree, the chance of her remains being covered with sediment before they could be scattered by scavengers is negligible.
    Her body was almost complete when it was fossilized, which means her remains were completely buried almost immediately. I would suspect a flood was involved.
    Animals that die out in the open get their bodies picked clean of meat and their remains scattered within days. Some predators will even eat the bones.

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