4 thoughts on “Senator attacks Steve Milloy by name on Senate floor for climate skepticism”

  1. Well done Steve!

    I am sad that the senators do not try to make their case using science. Of course they can’t do that because the warmist case is junk. Sceptics can run rings around even guys like Gavin Schmidt, such that they refuse to even debate these days.

    More and more data is coming out showing the ocean cycles and the Sun modulating cloud cover are the cause of most warming last century. The recent CERN results fit with this neatly. Empirical ECS is below 1 C/doubling…which is harmless. No amount of huffing and blowing by politicians will change that.

  2. Congratulations, S.M.
    You are lucky to live in a land where skeptics are finally attacked on the legislature floor, opening the door to debate on junk science issues.
    In our neck-of-the-woods well qualified scientists trying to point out that ‘the emperor has no clothes’ are just ignored by the politicians, who buy their advice from their own ‘experts’……….
    There are, of course, countries in which you would have been locked up for ‘rocking the boat’………….

  3. I am quite sure I could spend a quite wonderful few days in the estimable company of Prof. Lindzen and Prof. Judith Curry and where we’d discuss the vicissitudes of assessing the attempts to quantify the effects of a relatively minor GHG and therein mankind’s minuscule input effort.
    Hours of physics, calculations, speculation, wonderment and supposition…… and find that, in all the noise of a dynamic but chaotic atmospheric system, not even all the computer teraflops, petaflop ad infinitum…..added together across the world would come close to an explanation, let alone detecting a definitive signal.

    And besides, CO2 may not be it.

    Whoever, is advising this guy Coccooned, so cocksure and then, surely the world needs to hear them.

  4. It’s a sad commentary about the state of science, and free speech, in a government pushing their globalist agenda. If your facts don’t fit their theories, they are denied!

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