Public docket for NAS review of EPA human experiments

Here are the 52 documents in the public docket for the National Academy of Sciences review of EPA’s (illegal) human experiments. I will comment on them later.

My comments to the docket (document No. 52) are here.

2 thoughts on “Public docket for NAS review of EPA human experiments”

  1. Just looked at part 1………..Phew…….What a load of specious drivel…
    Non-scientists will be so impressed that it appears will have very little chance of getting objective assessment of this issue…..
    It appears to be the antithesis of the ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ situation…
    Instead of claiming that the [real] Emperor’s [non-existent] clothes are too fine to be seen by the general public, the BS merchants dress up ‘research’ in highly-impressive specious raiment to impress the public and all non-scientists [including a majority of the Judiciary] who will then outvote the real scientists in all questions concerning the legitimacy of the ‘research ‘ and the validity of the ‘results’ and ‘implications’.
    The age of nihilism is not quite over yet………………

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