Milloy puts lie to EPA air quality ‘science’ (again) readers will recall the spark that started the EPA human experiments controversy was a September 2011 study published by EPA researchers.

The study claimed that a human experiment with fine particulate matter (PM2.5) caused a cardiac arrthymia in a 58-year old obese woman with pre-existing cardiac problems.

I pointed out the bogus nature of this claim shortly after, here.

I learned today that independent researchers entirely validated my criticism in a July 2014 study published in Environmental Health Perspectives. It’s a long story of why I only discovered this today, but I’ll have to leave that for another time. But it involves the National Academy of Sciences review of EPA’s illegal human testing program.

Anyway the new study is here.

The researchers dismissed the 2011 EPA report as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.35.09 PM

7 thoughts on “Milloy puts lie to EPA air quality ‘science’ (again)”

  1. Thanks, OKM…
    I started viewing the Winston video then ‘postponed’ it because it was very long………Murphy’s law again…..I don’t think I was able to save it…….Now I would benefit greatly from seeing it in full……

    Ike was no dummy…he was not made SCAFE without good reason…
    Keep up the good work…..

  2. Wally:
    Thanks for actually starting a thread about OKM’s claims…
    Re your questions…
    1. Are you Ollie’s ex-student by any chance, or a relative?
    No, but I’m keen to know about the BS spread worldwide over the past 70 years about nukes in general…..There were a lot of non-sequiturs spread around by the MSM and swallowed by the public…….
    2. How have you dealt with the last 70 years of Stalinesque deceit?
    I haven’t……After reading about Kuroda I wonder if he was taking the US and OMK in particular for a ride.
    As a kid I was scared about the possibility of WW3 and no info I could find about, say, nukes or the total cost of WW2 made any sense to me…..
    3. Do you try to avoid neutrons on a daily basis?
    There would be no point, would there? A shower of slow neutrons from a neutron bomb would quickly consign any life form to history….

    No kidding, Wally; it really is refreshing to read cynical comments from an academic clever enough to appreciate he doesn’t understand aspects of alleged junk science while still being able to make jokes about it…….
    Cheers, Rog.

  3. Ollie: I must remember to mark the date of your talk on my calendar, as I have had numerous burning questions about neutron repulsion since WWII ended. I can’t believe I have never thought of doing “least squares fitting to the Bohr-Wheeler mass parabola plot of M/A vs Z/A for the data points (~10) at each value of A.” No wonder I lost my job and my marriage failed. However, I don’t think the interior of the Sun could be made of iron, as that would make the Sun so heavy it would fall out of the sky and come crashing down onto Earth, and we all know that that has not happened, so it must consist of hydrogen.

    Roggie: Are you Ollie’s ex-student by any chance, or a relative? In any case, how have you dealt with the last 70 years of Stalinesque deceit? Do you try to avoid neutrons on a daily basis? Please pass on any tips.

  4. Great Wallyrus…….It’s so edifying to occasionally have experts like you attempting to ridicule real scientists instead of the junk variety…
    Now you’ve repeatedly pointed out that OKM is wrong, could you please tell us all where and how he is mistaken….
    A lot of scientists are waiting for your concise revelation, or failing this, your getting lost which should be very easy for you judging by your performance so far………

  5. Olive Manual: Don’t you have another conference you could go off to where you can preach your junk science non-stop to the empty chairs? It would save us from your irrelevant, smarmy and repetitive posts.

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