False Nobel prize claimant Michael Mann screws up (again)

I drive Michael Mann so crazy he can’t think straight.

In a rant on Ecowatch.com blaming the “right wing” for his own inanity, Mann raves:

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.02.44 AM

Unfortunately for the hapless Mann, it was not me who made that statement. It was ClimateDepot.com’s Marc Morano:

Mann Morano tweet

I endorse what Morano said and, in fact, tweeted the following about Mann’s thoughts:

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.07.59 AM

Blame bad weather on CO2? Hah, Mann can’t even attribute quotes correctly.

6 thoughts on “False Nobel prize claimant Michael Mann screws up (again)”

  1. Sadly, Mann is a long way from being publicly ostracized for his utter lack of scientific integrity.

    The entire Democratic Party Machine is in lock-step with Mann Made Global Warming. Party leadership views Mann as a wonderfully eloquent spokesperson of their religious cult.

    In spite of the AGW critics devastating dismantling of nearly all claims made by the religion of global warmist’s, They aren’t going away, rather, they are digging in and doubling down on this stupidity.

    Trump isn’t and wasn’t my choice for President, but I will vote for him and I hope he works with congress to pass a budget that completely de-funds these frauds.

  2. Steve McIntyre, the independent researcher, whom Mann and co. tried to dismiss as an amateur, and who along with Ross McKitrick, delivered the fatal blow to the famous “hockey stick” graph, referred to Mann’s peculiar use of statistics as “Mannomatics.”

  3. You live rent free in his head and he is losing it. Every outburst by Mann like this will help Mark Steyn and his lawsuit by proving that Mann is a blathering idiot.

  4. At least he has one thing that is consistent: the inability to ever get anything right! To him, the scientific method is to start with the conclusion and work backwards to a desired hypothesis.

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