National Academy of Sciences reviewing EPA’s illegal human experiments

You remember… the ones where EPA made old, people, sick people, and children inhale high levels of diesel exhaust, chlorine gas, and smog in order to validate its junk science air quality epidemiology.

The EPA asked for this review to in order to whitewash the March 2014 EPA Inspector General report that validated’s exposure of the illegal experiments.

The review has largely been done in secret so far. I just found out about it this week and filed comments.

Below is an image of the diesel truck used to generate the diesel exhaust that EPA researchers piped into the gas chamber in which sat its human guinea pigs.

EPA diesel truck

Click here for the NAS committee review web page.

Read my comments to the NAS.

4 thoughts on “National Academy of Sciences reviewing EPA’s illegal human experiments”

  1. Why not follow the junk science methods of the EPA and it friends?

    Blame every single medical problem (including death) that ever happens to the subjects as having been caused by the testing. and have each one sue the EPA people and doctors individually.

  2. Excellent work!

    Looking at the committee web page, the following stands out to me:

    1) all the meetings were closed session, except part of the first meeting. There were 30 minutes for presentations by others, in 5 minute blocks.
    2) materials listed as shared in the committee included ‘consent forms presented to prospective study participants’. I am wondering if any executed (dated/signed) were seen.
    3) minutes do not list Legal discussions
    4) the committee’s Statement of Task is mentioned. It would be great to se this, as it will define the limits imposed on the committee.
    5) nowhere in the agenda or minutes is it shown that the Chairman of the committee was chosen at some point.

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