5 thoughts on “India delays ratification of Paris climate treaty indefinitely”

  1. The same source of energy in nuclear weapons is the source of energy in the Sun that sustains every atom, life and planet in the solar system, as will be explained at the London GeoEthics Conference on September 8-9, 2016:


    My paper will be a tribute to my mentor, Paul Kazuo Kuroda, who recognized the good and the bad in nuclear energy while standing in the ruins of Hiroshima in August 1945:


  2. This noble goal of preventing “proliferation of nuclear weapons” does NOT justify the use of Weizsacker’s deceptive definition of nuclear binding energy to hide clear empirical evidence (in exact rest masses of all known atoms) that NEUTRON REPULSION in cores of

    Heavy atoms like Uranium,
    Ordinary stars like the Sun, and
    Galaxies like the Milky Way . . .

    powers nuclear weapons, stars, the expanding cosmos and sustains every atom, life and planet.

  3. First China, then India ‘opt out’. With Brexit, it is doubtful that the UK will play along.
    How many cards can you remove from a house of cards and still have anything left standing?

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