Enviros lament Trump reversal on climate

Trump once signed on to a full page NYTimes ad urging climate action… but it was, of course, before Climategate really hit the fan and before Obama wrecked the coal industry to no purpose.

Here you go:


Read the enviro lament.

Since this ad, Trump has become a solid opponent of climate hysteria.

3 thoughts on “Enviros lament Trump reversal on climate”

  1. Of course they are upset!
    You are not allowed to revise your opinion based on new facts.
    They earth was determined to be flat by the priesthood and it will always be flat while the church of leftism reigns.

  2. Eh, fracking and natural gas is what killed coal. Now the environmentalists, who briefly allied with gas, are seeking to shut it down, assuming that coal can’t come back.

    You are not going to bring coal back if fracking is allowed to flourish. Thinking otherwise is just junk science which is what Trump is spreading.

  3. Hillary’s desired wars would not be good for the environment or the indebted US economy.

    Trump = real hope, real change … at last.

    Finally someone is fighting back.

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