5 thoughts on “WaPo: The GOP Congress must stop hurting the Zika fight”

  1. Where has this virus been hiding all these years? Has it just been identified and connected to microcephaly plus autism, Alzheimer’s, and myriad other neurological afflictions? The early reports that I saw from this site seemed to have a pretty weak basis for determining causation. But I guess since Ebola is no longer a fad, and bird flu is not in the news, we have to have something.

  2. If they permit an effective solution the crisis would come to an end. A crisis that has passed has no political value – it is a dead hobgoblin.

  3. If Zika is a true “crisis”, shouldn’t they drop everything and attack it? Nope, we’ll just let people die unless you give us more money.

    I guess that is like asking Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, et al to stop flying private planes everywhere and to stop building mansions to solve the “crisis” of climate change.
    Nope, the poor people have to give up heat and electricity so we can continue to keep up our lifestyle..

  4. Things that work like DDT or testing of genetically modified mosquitoes are off limits.

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