2 thoughts on “UN claims urban air pollution kills 3 million per year”

  1. Steve, to say ‘Poor air quality kills no one’ is the height of ignorance; you obviously have no experience of real Air pollution.
    Try telling ‘Poor air quality kills no one’ to the miners, iron & steel workers, farmers, chemical workers quarrymen who cough their bits of lung up every day after doing hard manual labor for years in polluted atmospheres.

    Try telling ‘Poor air quality kills no one’ to family’s like mine who had loved ones choke to death in British streets in the urban smog’s of the1950s.
    I can’t show you the bodies….but I can show you the graves !!

    You sit in your air-conditioned room dreaming up crass statements on your computer; it would educate you to trace how many people have to work in polluted atmospheres to allow you live such a comfortable lifestyle.

    You really don’t know how the other 75% live….or don’t care !!

  2. Don’t you just love it when the alleged (self appointed) “authorities” throw out these huge numbers for a manufactured tragedy? There is never any science to back up their statistics, just very subject estimates based on their own self-serving criteria and interpretations. But the Liberal media ALWAYS dutifully disseminate them–unverified–as absolute FACTS!

    Once upon a time this country had a responsible professional press. Now we are saddled with hacks.

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