3 thoughts on “Scientific Basis for Laws on Marijuana, Driving Questioned”

  1. It is convenient to assume a linear no-threshold model regarding health effects of radiation, pollutants, pesticides, suspected(!) carcinogens and the like, but NOT with regard to an activity they themselves pursue recreationally.

  2. While I question the “safer than–” I have noticed that the cel-phone distraction is not all due to the hands. There is an emotional distraction that can be as dangerous as texting. I was waiting just inside the glass doors of the Post Office and they had a large sign posted at eye level: “Please turn off all cel-phones”. A lady approached the doors talking intensely on her cel, walked up to the doors with the sign right in front of her eyes, SHE NEVER SAW IT! She walked in yammering on the phone oblivious to everything around her. It taught me a lot!

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