5 thoughts on “Resettling the First American ‘Climate Refugees’”

  1. Call them refugees from the Third Battle for New Orleans. (Jackson and Lafitte won the first, Katrina took the second) Most of the problems of the Mississippi Delta come from attempts to channelize the river to prevent flooding and convert wetlands to farmland. The two inches of muck that covered the floors and roads after the floods was over the medium to long term what kept the hummocks and islands above sea level. Now the silt gets swept to sea by the more rapidly flowing and contained river, through the channel created to keep the deep water Port of New Orleans open. (and contributes to red tides in the Gulf, but that’s an argument for another day)

    Calling that “Climate Change” bends the term out of any tenuous connection to reality it may have once had.

  2. People have *chosen* for thousands of years to live in areas that are frequently flooded. The soil is well-watered and rich in nutrients washed in by the floods. They have adapted to the flooding by the millions: Mesopotamia, Bangladesh, the Nile Delta, the Netherlands, etc.

  3. Everything current is going to be history, why should his culture be an exception?

  4. “That earth is now dying, drowning in salt and sinking into the sea … ”

    And this is related to climate change how?

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