3 thoughts on “Researchers Aim to Put Carbon Dioxide Back to Work”

  1. Frederick Weyerhaeuser [yes ~that~ Weyerhaeuser] was among the first to propose planting forests as an Intergenerational Crop.
    If you travel in the right areas of the country you will see large stands of timber that “stair-step” as each years planting is maturing, harvested, and the same land replanted with trees for the next generation of timber products.
    This has been going on for well over 100 years.
    No “environmental [h]activists” involved.
    No political hysterics.
    Just forward thinking businesspeople acting on the same responsible business plan laid down more than a century ago by a visionary who saw more than ~a~ forest and more than just trees.
    As observed, this is the cheapest way to “recycle” CO2 and the side benefits are nearly too large to list. {How many timber products have ~you~ used today?]

  2. Come now, Vic. We can’t go about despoiling the landscape by actually cutting down trees and leaving “ugly” scars. The Sierra Club and others of its ilk would never stand for it, for what would they do with a tree to hug. The fact that America’s forests are an invaluable natural RENEWABLE resource should not be an impediment to the decision to lock them all up forever (or until they decay and rot from old age or burn up in a wildfire==whichever comes first).

    [Actually, of course, you thought is well founded!]

    /A professional forester.

  3. Putting Carbon Dioxide “back to work” is simple, cheap and requires no complicated equipment whatsoever. Merely plant a forest, wait several years, harvest the timber, and use the wood to build houses or something.

    Voila! Thus the Carbon Dioxide is put “back to work,” and as an added benefit you get lots of Oxygen added to the air. Plus the process is infinitely repeatable, thus meeting the test for renewability.

    Clever, huh?

    Just a thought.


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