7 thoughts on “Poor countries want $3 TRILLION to deliver on Paris climate commitments”

  1. Duke – the other $2T just goes into the top guys’ pockets. In South Africa, the ANC ‘top dogs’ have disappeared about $1bn in the 22 years they’ve been in charge.

  2. I think I get the equation – we give them $3T to invest and they invest $1T of that in a useless escapade.

  3. These “poor countries” only have themselves to blame.

    Consider their insane birthrates.
    Consider their huge crime rates.
    Consider their filthy lifestyles.

    Consider the trillion$ already given to them, all for not.

    We must stop enabling their nonsense.

  4. The Dream World of Socialism is that you can get whatever you want, whenever you want, and get someone else to pay for it all.

  5. Well…..Why doesn’t The United States Federal Reserve just magically conjure another 3 trillion dollars in magic Federal Reserve fiat notes out of the magic hole in the air from which they have already magically conjured far more than 3 trillion magic federal reserve fiat notes, then hand it over to the United Nations along with the best wishes of the parasitoidic government of the strange little non-UN member foreign country that’s called The District of Columbia?

    Sheesh-a-mighty! Why make such a simple little problem into one so large and so complex that it has no real and workable solution?

  6. Perhaps it’s time for the poor countries to start working for a living instead of being blood sucking pariah cunts.

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