10 thoughts on “New administration rule would permit thousands of eagle deaths at wind farms”

  1. Perhaps they could save a little face by making the eagle feathers available to Native Americans for ‘ceremonial’ use?

  2. Equality under the law is a thing of the past. The law is applied only as the dictators see fit. Let one eagle drown in an oil field waste pond and the fine is millions.

  3. The turbines are bad, but the solar setup that focuses a beam of sunlight from a parabolic mirror onto an elevated boiler instantly cooks every bird that flies near the beam, which they naturally can’t see. From what I’ve read, the ground under this rig is littered with dead birds all the time.

    If you or I killed ONE T&E or migratory species, its a big fine.

  4. What are the penalties for exceeding their ‘quota’? – None!
    They aren’t about to shut down their billion-dollar boondoggles to protect an endangered species.
    The ‘pro-life’ greens don’t have as much clout as the trough-feeding greens.

  5. The native Americans, which the Leftists supposedly love since the Europeans subjugated them, have to beg these same federal Agencies to kill even one eagle for their religious ceremonies yet they allow killing thousands of these eagles in the name of the hoax of climate change (which is nothing more than a redistributionist dream). Maybe the Indians can just put up a wind turbine and then harvest the dead eagles.

  6. Horizontal wind turbines = raptor killers. Plus they’re hard to make; the blades themselves have to be carefully balanced, something difficult to manage when they’re 90+ feet long. And then there’s the maintenance issue; they’re down 30% of the time.

    If you simply must have some wind turbines, you’re far better off overall by going with vertical turbines, such as those from PacWind for example. Small footprint, easily scaleable, no huge balance issues, very low/no maintenance, and the birds *can* see them.

    As an adjunct power source, say in remote locations or islands, windpower certainly has a place, but these horizontal designs just don’t pass the test.

    Just a thought.


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