2 thoughts on “Love in the time of climate change: Grizzlies and polar bears are now mating”

  1. Are they sure it wasn’t an albino grizzly? Or a polar bear left out in the sun too long without sufficient SPF? Without a genetic study, what can you tell? I would like to know how ancestry.com can tell the difference between Scots and Swedes say, from their genetics, and give a percentage. Pretty amazing, if true.

  2. Polar bears evolved from grizzlies, so this is not big news. Nature mutates and changes all the time. There have been recent discoveries of breeding between Neanderthals and other species. Evolution.

    Students are taught evolution, but then taught to ignore it by the greens. (Evolution happened millions of years ago – anything that changes now is caused by climate change). A true interpretation and analysis of how evolution and adaptation are occurring today destroys all of the bogus climate change warnings.

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