2 thoughts on “LOL… NYTimes Tom Friedman tells Trump his golf courses will be under water because of global warming”

  1. Tom, make sure you notify Al Gore. He has oceanfront property in Montecito, California.

  2. The Chicken Littles chanting that “the sea is going to rise” are so funny.

    The sea has been rising ever since the last ice age BEGAN melting, so thousands of years before co2 began increasing. It’s up 400+ feet now, and it is continuing to rise, at 1 to 3 mm per year (1 mm = 4/100 of one inch). That is miniscule. It’s basically topping off now, just as it has done during earlier ice ages.

    The Chicken Littles will soon become alarmed about the glaciers advancing on their homes, which will be a real problem involving much more than wet feet.

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