5 thoughts on “Japan now has more electric car charge points than petrol stations”

  1. In 50 years it won’t matter because there won’t be any Japanese – have you looked at their population stats?

  2. This claim popped up a year or two back. It includes charging “stations” in people’s garages and carports, hardly open to the public. So another abuse of statistics, thanks to the green mafia.

  3. Indeed, it’s coal & oil which powers these stations.

    ‘Up to 107 miles per charge’.
    In fact, that is an unencumbered straight line distance which is simply never the case, divide by 1/2.
    In the nutty leftist paradise there is no traffic or curved roads.
    Where I live I wouldn’t make it to the next city.

  4. Stupid announcement : there are 40 000 where a few electric cars can be recharged, each occupying a charging space for up to 8 hours.

    The typical gas station can serve several cars at the same time and a tank filling takes less than 5 minutes…

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