3 thoughts on “India’s Answer to Global Warming: Cows That Belch Less”

  1. Gas in the lower GI tract is almost always due to fermentation of food by bacteria and fungi. Depending on the food and the microbes in the digestive system, the gas may be CO2 or methane (usually) or in the case of high-protein diets dimethylsulfide and/or low-weight mercaptains (only a little bit can create a stench). These gases are a sign that the digestive system is healthy and the microbes are doing their work properly.
    Excessive gas may be the result of a diet rich in carbohydrates and a bowel full of yeast. Reducing the consumption of GPS (grains, pasta, and starches) and consuming salty proteins (bacon, sausages, etc.) will suppress the growth of yeast. Salt sprinkled on food will NOT help, as it get absorbed immediately in the stomach. The protein matrix will insure it passes the stomach into the intestine before the salt gets released.
    Belching is usually the result of swallowed air, which is simply being returned from whence it came.

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