4 thoughts on “‘I Run a G.M.O. Company — and I Support G.M.O. Labeling’”

  1. The BS is meant to be in the cited published ‘News’, not the comments………

    BTW, S.M., The site has had problems with login over the past few days and these may still be limiting the number of comments……

  2. Everything you eat is GMO. Your dog is GMO. Just because modification is done quickly in a lab, instead of through generations of selective breeding, makes no difference. And, Jacob, exactly what health risks and how? Cite the evidence if you want to be taken seriously; otherwise, be prepared to be dismissed as a gullible, hysterical twit.

  3. There is another reason.
    Smaller competitors cannot survive while meeting the ridiculous standards and following the draconing rules.
    They cannot afford the testing and labeling costs.

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