6 thoughts on “History revisited: Energy-efficient ‘green’ buildings sicken employees — but global warming blamed”

  1. Tadchem: I attended a talk by an architect in Cambridge who introduced himself by stating that his main goal had been to combat global warming. That was about three years ago; he had not heard of climate change yet (although on the same day, volunteers in the streets collecting donations to mitigate climate change in Peru were obviously aware of the concept). I can’t remember what the title of the talk was, but if I were asked to come up with a fitting one, I’d use “Removing ventilation and lighting from houses and office spaces”.

  2. Could be that 1,000 ppm CO2 comes from overcrowded and poorly ventilated offices – conditions which are well-known to stress humans and affect their decision-making abilities.
    I changed from a stressful job in a cubicle farm 1320 feet long (about 100 square feet per occupant) to a lab about 60 feet long (900 square feet per occupant) and have avoided the stress.

  3. So they’re saying that our having put in all that great insulation so we could reduce our electricity consumption is actually bad now. If we’d stayed with our leaking buildings using freon, we’d have global cooling, right?

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