2 thoughts on “Half of Leading Investors Ignoring Climate Change-Study”

  1. I’m shocked that half the world’s investors are taking climate change seriously from an investment perspective. I considered investing in solar power a few years ago and it seemed then like a racket…totally dependent on subsidies. Worse, as prices were on a steep decline curve, you were guaranteed to be crushed economically from the get-go if you bought solar panels to produce electricity, as next year’s panels would do so cheaper. So that left the solar panel makers. Well, that’s a commodity business and the low cost producer wins there. Hard to pick winners. Worse, with today’s low nat gas prices, this can’t be good for alternatives power production.

    Once you move into other areas, everything gets squishy. Can you not invest in livestock related industries, as GHG emissions from livestock exceed those from fossil fuels in transportation? How about leather shoes?

    Arguably the best investment of the next few years is domestic E&P oil companies. Fortunes will be made for those with cash and a team to manage oil leases.

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