7 thoughts on “‘Game-Changing’ Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer”

  1. Let’s talk biological plausibility. Exposures were set to increase tissue temperature by <1'C. Are we to conclude that fevers are carcinogenic?


  2. Drinking water and breathing air can lead to cancer.
    But it is harder to extort money from people for either of those actions.

  3. You really don’t need to read further than “a contributing scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund”.

  4. Further, the “former” NTP hack who commissioned the study said that, while there is no way of knowing how data from half of the rats studied would apply to every single human being, “the large number of humans” who use cell phones makes this an urgent case. To this, I reply,”Well, where is the epidemic of gliomas and Schwannomas in humans? Hmm? If this were such an important and accurate study, there would be no students in American coleges and universities these days, as everyone, and I do mean EVERYone in that age group, would be dead and there would be a nationwide push to train more neurosurgeons.

    This is more equine waste from the Watermelons.

  5. (1) Rats are not humans.
    (2) A $25 million investment by the NTP (an inter-agency program run by the United States Department of Health and Human Services) says there may more grants in the future is the results fit the political agenda of the government agency and the Administration.
    (3) The Linear No Threshold (LNT) model is assumed, but has been invalidated countless times by reality.
    (4) Poisson statistics (where positive outcomes are less than a few percent of the trials) should always be used for such studies, but they are usually not understood. There is a range of uncertainty in such outcomes of 0-200% of the observed ‘effect’.
    The only reasonable conclusion from this study is that male rats should be allowed only restricted access to cell phones. :p

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