5 thoughts on “French already peeing in their pantalons about climate ‘denier’ Trump”

  1. My own definition of the irrational thinking taking over the world is this:

    Crypto-Fascist neo-Puritan Fundamentalism

  2. Yes, there is a parasite:host relationship but it is both domestic and global. All private/public partnerships are parasite:host. You can also say that if you roll with the pigs in the pigpen you will get muddy. In other words, once you take money from the federal government, you must submit to them in ways that you would never expect. Cronies also end up getting eaten as new cronies take over. The government should in no way be involved with giving money to private industry.

  3. Once again they admit that it’s the US taxpayer who must pay for the lion’s share of this junk science nonsense.

    But well, they do live in France. Hardly a bastion of free speech and critical thinking.

  4. Thanks, Bill. I hope you won’t mind that I am going to add two more words and call it “Parasitoidic crony fascist socialism”.

    I fear that it is our country that is the host that will not survive the experience.

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