4 thoughts on “FAIL: California cap-and-trade raises only 2% of target”

  1. A WSJ guy on Fox News described Jerry Brown as a “successful” governor yesterday… successful at maintaining political control of California, and getting legislation like the above passed, perhaps- and other goofy things like making illegals feel at home. But sooner or later the cows will come home.

  2. I would eliminate CARB if I could. They are not necessary. They are one of the reasons business are leaving Calif. They use junk science to justify unneeded regulations costing everybody more money with no improvement in quality of life. EPA regulations cover the industry very well.

  3. “Each year, CARB ratchets down the statewide emissions cap. Most energy-intensive businesses including refiners, manufacturers and fuel suppliers must cut their carbon output or buy credits for exceeding the cap.”

    Or they can just leave California. What manufacturing plants are left? The last auto assembly plant (the joint Toyota-GM) I’m aware of closed.

    Or are they going to target the electric utilities with more nonsense? Will the residents have any power at all before this is over? Or do they need to stock up on tallow now so they can dip candles?

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