4 thoughts on “Exxon Mobil Backs FuelCell Effort to Advance Carbon Capture Technology”

  1. A professor of public policy is clearly biased to want more government involvement. His paycheck depends upon it.

    A clear conflict of interest. Pay no attention, right?

  2. “David Keith, a professor of physics and public policy at Harvard and the founder of a carbon capture company in Canada, said that the greatest challenge surrounding C.C.S. was not technological.

    He said the biggest need was for policies to encourage its widespread adoption, as subsidies helped make technologies like solar and wind power competitive enough to take hold.”

    Right, just send subsidies and CCS will be as competitive as wind and solar … which relay on the subsidies to survive. This is “competitive”???

  3. Free The Captured Oxygen.
    We need the innocent oxygen.
    It has been captured as as an honest acquaintance of that sneaky Carbon.

  4. While we are at it, we can clean up American politics by electing golden unicorns. /sarc
    Seriously, though, why does nobody ever factor in the environmental impact of mining, manufacturing, transporting, and recharging these fuels cell that depend on so many exotic chemicals?

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