11 thoughts on “Crazy Virgin Islands AG subpoenas all communications between Exxon and skeptics”

  1. “corpus delicti”?

    The only evidence of “contribution to climate change” is in climate models. i.e. all the evidence is fabricated.

    Also note that it’s not an offence to change the climate; unless one goes back more than 200 years to the burning of witches accused of cooking the weather.

    The allegations of fraud are based on the presumption that Exxon had CERTAIN knowledge that it wasn’t being honest. No such certainty exists in science. There is no scientific organization or sane and competent scientist, when held legally responsible for the consequences of their utterings, who will state with the scientific certainty necessary for prosecution, that there climate change is predominately caused by Exxon’s products and/or activities.

    As evidence of their uncertainty, I tender the disclaimer notices on the scientific publications used to “identify” the human fingerprint on “climate change” …

  2. It looks like the AG’s idea of a ‘fishing expedition’ is to drain the ocean. Every document in Exxon’s position for the last 40 years that may have anything to do with climate change? They would be scanning, reading, and parsing documents until Hell and the Hudson River freeze over – during the next Ice Age.

  3. Interesting Idea. Let’s have a skeptical Attorney General sue and subpoena everyone involved in the CAGW machine.

  4. Sorry to hit twice… “To the extent that the document constitutes a database, produce the database in Access.” What a spit-and-bailing wire operation!! It would be really fun to see a multi-terabyte Oracle database squished into an Access DB. Even more fun watching them try to load and understand what they were viewing.

  5. How often do these things require the individual to put paper documentation into text searchable electronic format?

  6. The perps went looking for an idiot AG and found who they were looking for in the Virgin Islands. Not a great surprise if you know anything about the USVI..

  7. That should be easy to get a court to squash as: overly broad and puts too large a burden on the recipient.

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